How to complete An Inter-egg-sting Development Tasks and Rewards in Pokemon Go

Another new event is live in Pokemon Go, and Team Rocket is back at it again. Team GO Rocket has been collecting Strange Eggs, a new type of Egg. These hatch Poison-type Pokemon, Dark-type Pokemon, and Pokemon that evolve into one of these types. Here’s how to complete An Inter-egg-Sting Development task and rewards in Pokemon Go.

The event runs from Monday, October 12, at 1:00 pm to Monday, October 19, at 10:00 pm Local Time. There is a set of tasks and rewards, and Trainers will need to find and defeat Giovanni to rescue Shadow Mewtwo. A new addition to the game is Red Eggs, which can be found through beating Team Rocket leaders.

How to complete An Inter-egg-sting Development Tasks and Rewards in Pokemon Go

Here is a complete list of An-Inter-Egg-Sting Development tasks and rewards:

Task 1

  • Spin five Poke Stops: Star Dust x500
  • Spin 30 Poke Stops and Gyms: Stardust x500
  • Catch one Shadow Pokemon: Meowth Encounter
  • Rewards: Stardust x500, Poke Balls x10, Razz Berries x10

Task 2

  • Catch five Shadow Pokemon: 750 XP
  • Make three nice curveball throws in a row: 750 XP
  • Purify five shadow Pokemon: 750 XP
  • Rewards: Stardust x500, Great Balls x10, Pokemon Encounter

Task 3

  • Defeat a Team GO Rocket Leader three times: 1000 XP
  • Hatch three eggs: 1000 XP
  • Earn five candies walking with your buddy: 1000 XP
  • Rewards: Stardust x1500, Golden Razz Berry x3, Pokemon Encounter

Task 4

  • Defeat Team GO Rocket Leader Cliff: 1250 XP
  • Defeat Team GO Rocket Leader Arlo: 1250 XP
  • Defeat Team GO Rocket Leader Sierra: 1250 XP
  • Rewards: Super Rocket Radar x1, Super Potion x5, Revive x3

Task 5

  • Find, Battle and Defeat Team GO Rocket Boss

Task 6

  • Claim Your Reward!

Please stay tuned while we find out the new tasks and rewards. We will update this section accordingly.