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How to Change Your Pitch Repertoire in RTTS MLB The Show 2021

How to Change Your Pitch Repertoire in RTTS MLB The Show 2021
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MLB The Show 21 has exploded onto the scene with many exciting new avenues to customize your baseball journey fully. The game’s Road to the Show is yet again raising the bar for sports gaming with numerous options available to fans, including the ability to change the look of their players, teams, and load-outs. Many baseball enthusiasts are left wondering if you can also change your pitch repertoire in RTTS in MLB The Show 2021.

How to Change Your Pitch Repertoire in RTTS MLB The Show 2021

When you first start your career in the Road to the Show in MLB ’21 as a pitcher, you will be given a set of default pitches: a fastball, a changeup, and a curveball. As you progress throughout your baseball career, you will eventually make it as a pro in the minor leagues. Once you’re in the minors, your pitching coach will approach you and ask about your knowledge of each pitch. 

If you want to choose from one of the default pitches provided, then answer him regarding the type of pitch you want. Otherwise, you will have to proceed to “Focus Training” to change your pitching repertoire. You can achieve this by answering all of the pitching coach’s questions incorrectly.

Focus Training

Once you reach the Focus Training screen, you will be presented with the option to replace a particular default pitch by choosing a new one to learn. After you’ve gone through the options and selected a new pitch from the choices provided, you can go about changing your pitch repertoire by participating in bullpen training sessions. 

At the start-up screen, you will be able to access different sessions to find and replace new and exciting pitching forms. The best part is that even if you grow unsatisfied with your choices, you can always remove or replace them at any point throughout your MLB career.

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