How to Catch Thundurus in Pokémon GO

Of the three members of the Forces of Nature trio, Landorus is the only one with any kind of positivity associated with it, as its presence is associated with healthy soil and plant life. Tornadus and Thundurus, on the other hand, are despised by the residents of Unova because they just fly around breaking stuff, with Thundurus in particular discharging white-hot bolts of lightning that cause forest fires. What say we perform a public service and get this thing under control? Here’s how to catch Thundurus in Pokémon GO.

Once again, with the Season of Legends season active, the Forces of Nature trio will be appearing in Legendary raids for the next three months or so on a rotating basis. Currently, it’s Incarnate forme Landorus’ turn, and starting next week, either Tornadus or Thundurus will have their go. Once all three have gone, the cycle starts over with their Therian formes in the same order (whatever that order ends up being). When Thundurus’ turn comes around, you’ll have to defeat him for a chance to catch him.

How to Catch Thundurus in Pokémon GO

Thundurus is an Electric/Flying type, a relatively uncommon combination as Electric types are the natural enemy of Flying types. With such esoteric typing, Thundurus has equally unusual resistances. It’s resistant to Ground, Fighting, Steel, Grass, Bug, and other Flying types, while its only weaknesses are Ice and Rock.

Once again, this is Galarian Darmanitan’s time to shine, doubly so in its Zen forme, as its Ice/Fire typing will protect it from nearly all of Thundurus’ kit. I say “nearly” because Thundurus is capable of using Brick Break, which would be super effective against an Ice type. Unfortunately, due to the nature of typing in general, almost any Pokémon that’d be strong against Thundurus, i.e. an Ice or Rock type, would be vulnerable to that one move, so you might just have to take a calculated risk and pack Pokémon that can tank a few super effective blows.

Aside from Galarian Darmanitan, you’ve got similar options to the other Forces of Nature, such as Rhyperior, Rampardos, and Mammoswine. Weavile could also work, as it can double up on Ice moves, though its defense is comparatively low to the other options, so this could be a potentially dangerous choice. If legendaries are on the table, your best choices would be Terrakion or Black forme Kyurem. Black Kyurem can’t double up on Ice moves, but it’s got the raw stats to deal sufficient damage with a Dragon Tail.

Play it safe and pack a lot of sturdy Pokémon, and you’ll gradually wear Thundurus down to nothing.