How to break the Sword Cemetery Seal in Genshin Impact

One of the early quests in Genshin Impact requires players to break the sword cemetery seal. The sword is defended on all sides by three different Hilichurl tribes, and you need to take them out. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to do to complete this quest, break the seal, and retrieve the chest and Anemoculus. Let’s get started.

How to break the Sword Cemetery Seal in Genshin Impact

First of all, head to the Dadaupa Gorge area in the Galesong Hill zone southeast of Mondstadt. Talk to Dr. Livingstone to start on the questline so you can begin. Three Hilichurl camps are surrounding the cemetery seal, and you need to clear out each of them. 

Hilichurl Camp Locations Genshin Impact

All campsites have a different element you’ll need to use to light the altar. The southern camp is Electro, the northern camp is Frost, and the southeastern camp is Fire. You may need to swap out some party members after you clear out the Hilichurl to activate the altars with the proper element. 

After clearing all three camps and activating each of the altars, you should get a cutscene showing the seal breaking. The cemetery seal slowly dissipates when you clear a campsite and ignite the associated altar. On the third clear, the seal should be completely broken. 

Head back to the sword cemetery and claim the chest locked inside the seal. You will see two big trees crossed above the chest. Make sure to climb to the top and collect the Anemoculus sitting on top, as well. That’s everything you know about how to break the Sword Cemetery Seal in Genshin Impact.