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How to increase Adventure Rank quickly in Genshin Impact

How to increase Adventure Rank quickly in Genshin Impact

Increasing your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact unlocks important quests, abilities, and even free characters. Your Adventure Rank is different than individual character levels, as it’s an account-wide progression. You might be wondering how to get yourself to AR 20 as fast as possible, and you’ve come to the right place. We put together some general guidelines you can follow to gain Adventure Rank experience efficiently. Here’s our guide on how to increase Adventure Rank quickly in Genshin Impact.

How to increase Adventure Rank quickly in Genshin Impact

To quickly increase your Adventure Rank and gain as much experience as possible, there are a few things you need to be doing every day. These tasks include claiming Adventure Rank rewards, leveling your character, leveling the Statue of the Seven, completing Ley Lines, questing, and doing daily commissions.

Focusing on all of the tasks above will get your to Adventure Rank 20 in no time. Let’s take a look at each task in-depth, so you understand where to focus. First, it’s essential to head to Mondstadt and talk to Katheryne in the Adventurers’ Guild. 

Adventure Rank Rewards

Talking to Katheryne in Mondstadt unlocks Adventure Rank Rewards, designated by a book icon on the quick action wheel. The icon is also on the top right corner of the screen. Adventure Rank Rewards come with each AR level and can contain some handy items. For example, at Adventure Rank 10, you get a free 4-star weapon, which you can quickly power up to level 20 using all of the trash weapons you have been collecting. Make sure to claim these every time your AR level increases. Also, make sure to check the book frequently and mark any quests to navigate to and complete if you have nothing else to do.

How to increase Adventure Rank quickly in Genshin Impact | Adventure Rank Rewards

Leveling a Character

Next, it’s important to level up one of your main characters to twenty as soon as possible. We recommend focusing on one main character you plan to use for a while, to future-proof your progression. At the beginning of the game, it seems like you have unlimited resources. These resources quickly dwindle and become scarce later on in the game. Therefore, spend them wisely on one of your main characters. Focus on a 5-star or even a 4-star hero and level them to 20. Once you reach Adventure Rank 15, you can level past 20. 

How to increase Adventure Rank quickly in Genshin Impact | Leveling

Level the Statue of the Seven

There are nine Statues of the Seven around the Genshin Impact map. Not only do they act as waypoints, but you can level them up to permanently increase your stamina bar. To level them up, you need to collect Anemoculus and Geoculus and offer them to the statue. Doing this levels the statue, granting you increased stamina, along with Adventure Rank experience, and other goodies. 

Statue of the Seven Locations in Genshin Impact

Ley Lines

Ley Lines are critical for anyone under Adventure Rank 15. These are small portals around the map in the open world. Completing them gives you character XP cards along with gold. Because there are no low-level dungeons, these act as a sort of mini-dungeon where you fight waves of mobs for more experience. Ley Lines are shown as portals when you pull up the map, and they use 20 Resin to open. You can see your total Resin on the top right of your map, and it regenerates slowly over some time to 120. You never want to have full Resin because then you are losing potential experience. 


Perhaps the most effective way to level your Adventure Rank is by questing. If you’re on PC, press your J key to pull up your quest log. Make sure to be completing quests whenever possible, including world quests and main storyline quests. Make sure to combine this with Adventure Rank rewards to efficiently complete as many different quests as possible in a short amount of time. 

Daily Commissions

Finally, Daily Commissions unlock from Katheryne at the Adventurers’ Guild at Adventure Rank 12. These are arguably the best source of daily experience, and they reset every day. They net you 60 Primo Gems per day, an excellent source of currency for free-to-play players. When you unlock Daily Commissions or quests, pull up your map. You will notice purple icons that signify where you need to go to complete the daily missions. 

That’s everything you need to know about how to increase Adventure Rank quickly in Genshin Impact. Other things like activating all possible waypoints and opening as many chests as possible will also help immensely along the way. I hope this guide helps you out on your journey. Good luck!

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