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How to Beat Leader Sierra in Pokemon GO (May 2022)

Here's how to beat Sierra's lineup of Pokemon in Pokemon GO for April 2022.
How to Beat Leader Sierra in Pokemon GO (April 2022)

Alright, I’ve just got to ask: are those little purple strap things on Sierra’s shoulders accessories, or are they just part of her outfit? It just weirds me out when parts of an outfit disconnect from the rest of it like that, like it would tear really easily or something. Well, I guess Pokemon battling isn’t an especially physical activity, so it’s not that big a deal to wear fragile clothing. Fashion foibles aside, here’s how to beat Leader Sierra in Pokemon GO for April 2022.

Just like the rest of the Team GO Rocket leaders, Sierra will come at you with three rounds of Pokemon. The first round will always be the same Pokemon, while rounds two and three will feature one from a selection of three Pokemon. Remember, all of Sierra’s Pokemon are Shadow Pokemon, which means they take more damage, but deal out more damage in turn.

How to Beat Leader Sierra in Pokemon GO (April 2022)

Here’s Sierra’s Pokemon lineup for April 2022:

  • Round 1: Drowzee
  • Round 2: Blaziken, Lapras, or Sharpedo
  • Round 3: Houndoom, Shiftry, or Nidoqueen


For round one, we’ve got Drowzee, a pure Psychic type. To beat a Psychic type, you’d want a Ghost type like Chandelure or a Dark type like Weavile. Normally, dedicating an entire slot to just one Pokemon wouldn’t be such a great idea, but as it so happens, there is enough weakness overlap between all of Sierra’s second and third-round Pokemon that you can theoretically get away with it. Drowzee’s not that tough, though, so if you’re worried, feel free to bring along one of the other Pokemon we list for the next few rounds instead.

Blaziken, Lapras, Sharpedo

For round two, we’ve got the Fire/Fighting Blaziken, the Water/Ice Lapras, and the Water/Dark Sharpedo. If Sierra sends out Blaziken, you’ll want to employ a Psychic type like Espeon or Alakazam. If she goes for Lapras or Sharpedo, on the other hand, you’ll want a Fighting type like Conkeldurr, Lucario, or Machamp. While Lucario is the biggest damage-dealer of these three, Conkeldurr and Machamp have more neutral resistances, so they may be safer picks.

Houndoom, Shiftry, Nidoqueen

For round three, we’ve got the Dark/Fire Houndoom, the Grass/Dark Shiftry, and the Ground/Poison Nidoqueen. As I mentioned before, all of these Pokemon have weakness overlap with the previous round; if Sierra throws out Houndoom or Shiftry, just use your Fighting type again, and if she throws out Nidoqueen, just use your Psychic type again. If you want to bring in a safety pick to tank Drowzee and stay in reserve, make it an extra Fighting or Psychic type.

So, in summation, your ideal counter team for Sierra in April 2022 would be a Dark type, a Fighting type, and a Psychic type. Or, alternatively, two Fightings and a Psychic or two Psychics and a Fighting. 

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