How to beat Mega Charizard X in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go introduces Mega Raids today, and trainers will have to defeat some Mega Evolved forms of different Pokemon. One Pokemon you will have to defeat is Mega Charizard X. Defeating the encounter rewards you with some Mega Energy, which is a material used to Mega Evolve your Pokemon. Here’s how to beat Mega Charizard X in Pokemon Go.

How to beat Mega Charizard X in Pokemon Go

The first thing to be aware of is that Mega Charizard X is a Fire-type and Dragon-type Pokemon. This particular form of Charizard is vulnerable to Dragon, Ground, and Rock-type moves. 

Some viable counters to Mega Charizard X are the popular Rhyperior and Groudon. We’d highly recommend trying out Groudon in this encounter to output as much damage as possible. Mega Charizard X has weaknesses to Dragon attacks, so Groudon’s Dragon Tail move is a good option here. Going with Rhyperior is another good option for the encounter due to his Ground and Rock-type attacks. 

If you want to pick the number one counter for all the Mega Raids, including Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard X and Y, and Mega Blastoise, there are a few Pokemon you can turn to for help. Here’s what we would recommend for the Mega Evolution encounters:

  • Venusaur (Grass/Poison): Mewtwo counter
  • Charizard X (Fire/Dragon): Rampardos counter
  • Charizard Y (Fire/Flying): Rampardos counter
  • Blastoise (Water): Zekrom counter

As always, there are dozens of Pokemon you can use to defeat the encounter successfully. However, if you want to know how to beat Mega Charizard X in Pokemon Go with ease, go with Rhyperior, Groudon, or Rampardos.