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Hitman 3: How to Complete Icarus on Dubai

Hitman 3: How to Complete Icarus on Dubai

Icarus is one of the many assassination challenges available on the Dubai level in Hitman 3. It’s one of the funnier ways to kill Marcus, aside from dropping a chandelier on his head in Impactful Art. Anyway, the art installation exhibit is a bit dangerous, and Marcus will pay the price for it. Here’s how to complete Icarus on Dubai in Hitman 3.

You can start in the atrium lobby, with your default weapons and suit. We’ll run through this mission without acquiring any disguises or being noticed, so you can use this method to continue a silent assassin and suit only run.

Hitman 3: How to Complete Icarus on Dubai 

Start in the atrium lobby, and walk up the left staircase in front of you. Turn around, and proceed running the opposite direction. You’ll see some red vines on the wall to your right. Climb up the red vines, and enter the double doors to your left. Proceed through the next set of double doors, and up the metal staircase on your right. You’re now in a trespassing area, so be careful here. 

Grab the crowbar on the left side of the platform because you’ll need it to grab the fuse out of the electrical box. Distract the tech guys so that you can sneak by to the opposite side of the platform. Across the way, you’ll notice a fusebox. Break it open with your crowbar, and grab the fuse inside. You can now exit where you came in and make your way to the bar area.

Get to the art exhibit area, and go to the sun installation near the end of the walkway. There’s a door to the right you can take to get to the backstage area. Look for a ladder leading up to a catwalk, and climb up it. You’ll see a fusebox up there that’s missing a fuse. Insert the fuse you grabbed previously, and then climb back down the ladder. There’s a window looking into the exhibit area, with an electrical box that you’ll use to override the safe zone voltage.

Now all you have to do is wait for Marcus to bask in the glory of the sun exhibit. When he stretches out his arms directly in front of the sun, you can override the safe zone. Marcus will then be electrocuted, and a prompt should pop up saying you completed the Icarus assassination challenge on Dubai.

How to Complete Icarus on Dubai - Electrocution

You can then proceed to finish your run or back out and complete some other Dubai challenges. 

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