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Hitman 3: How to complete Angry Birdy in Dubai (Guide)

How to complete Angry Birdy in Dubai

There are plenty of ways to eliminate Carl Ingram in the Dubai level of Hitman 3. One of the absolute best methods of assassination is the exploding golf ball. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the golf ball, and how to complete Angry Birdy in Dubai. As a bonus, we’ll also show you how to complete the Disturbing the Peace feat. Let’s dive into it.

You can start in the atrium lobby, with no extra equipment. Any difficulty works for this method, so pick what you want. 

Hitman 3: How to complete Angry Birdy in Dubai

When you start in the atrium lobby, head up the left flight of stairs and make a left. You’ll want to climb up the red vines on the wall and vault up to the next level. Next, take a left and walk through the double doors. Now you’re in the building’s tech area, which is a trespassing zone, so be careful.

Walk up the metal stairs on your right, and sneak around the left side once you’re up there. Pick up the crowbar that’s sitting on top of the fragile equipment container. Vault over the blue tarp on your left, and then vault up to the next floor when the guard on your right patrols away. You can toss a coin up there to speed this up a bit.

Where to find the exploding golf ball in Dubai

The exploding golf ball is in the maintenance closet on the third floor. Eliminate the guard next to the storage room, stuff him in the locker, and steal his disguise. Don’t worry about the oblivious staff worker in the room. With your new elite guard disguise, head through the server room and out the other side. Now you can run down the hall past the woman on her phone and past the additional worker. Use your crowbar on the maintenance closet door to force it open.

You will see a red toolbox in there and an exploding golf ball behind it. Pick up the exploding golf ball, and then climb up the ladder shortcut. If you did not unlock this shortcut yet, you’d have to run around through the penthouse area. At the golf course, set up the exploding golf ball in the bucket of balls. 

Make Carl Ingram Angry

Carl loves to blow off steam by hitting golf balls off the tallest building in Dubai. To make him angry, walk up to his room and interrupt him with noise. You need to do this in two different locations to make him angry enough to want to go golfing. 

First, he’ll be sitting at a desk talking into his recorder. There’s a nearby radio you can turn on, but make sure the maid isn’t looking at you when you do it. Turn on the Radio, and Carl will reprimand everyone nearby. Walk away while the woman investigates.

Hitman 3 Dubai - Carl Ingram Radio - Disturbing The Peace

Carl will then walk up to his penthouse suite. Follow him up there, but look out for the enforce. Once he gets into the suite, turn on the vacuum outside the door. Doing this will annoy him enough to want to go golf. You should also get a prompt for the achievement Disturbing the Peace at this point.

Hitman 3 Dubai - Carl Ingram Vacuum - Disturbing The Peace

You can now safely run back down to the golf course and wait for him to blow himself up with the exploding golf ball. When he swings his club, he will explode, and you’ll complete the Angry Birdy assassination challenge in Dubai.

How to complete Angry Birdy in Dubai - Kaboom!

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