Hitman 3: How to complete Impactful Art in Dubai

There are many ways to assassinate Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant in the Dubai level in Hitman 3. Chandelier kills are always the best in the Hitman series, though, wouldn’t you agree? In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete Impactful Art in Dubai in Hitman 3. For this assassination challenge, you will need to drop a fancy chandelier on the targets’ heads.

You can follow the video guide below and scroll down for a more detailed written guide with explanations.

Hitman 3: How to complete Impactful Art in Dubai

You can start the challenge in the Dubai Atrium Lobby, with no extra equipment. The first thing to do is access an elite guard disguise and access the server room. There are many ways to do this, so if you have a preferred method, go for it. We like to use the staff’s side door and then make our way down the hallway (the code is 4706). Turn on the vacuum to distract the cleaning lady, subdue her, and hide her body in the locker.

Hitman 3: How to complete Impactful Art in Dubai - Staff Side Door

Walk to the end of the next hall, and distract the two guards with a coin. Head left, and scan the window latch with your camera so Grey can open it for you. The two people in the room will go, allowing you to exit through the window and scale the building to the next floor.

When you’re up there, head inside the second door on your left (storage room). Take out the oblivious staff member in the room, and then take out the elite guard outside and take his disguise. You can stuff both of them in the locker. Go back inside the storage room, and go through the server room and out the other side.

We need the server room key to get access. You should see a long hallway with a lady on her phone. Walk past her, and then you’ll see another staff member at the end of the hall. He has the key, so take him out, stuff his body in the locker, and grab the key.

Hitman 3: How to complete Impactful Art in Dubai - Server Room Key

You can make your way back to the server room now and access the terminal. Sabotage the screen with yellow writing, and then go onto the computer terminal and select Rearrange Meetings. Now, you can go back out into the hallway we jumped to from the window.

Hitman 3: How to complete Impactful Art in Dubai - Rearrange Meetings

When you exit the door, take a left. You should see an elite guard who takes a phone call when you get near him. Take him out, and hide his body inside the security room with the sleeping guard. Grab the penthouse key he drops and get back toward the window.

Hitman 3: How to complete Impactful Art in Dubai - Penthouse Staff Key

You can now access the penthouse using the key, which is the door to your left when facing the window. Walk up there, and wait in the meeting room for Marcus and Carl. There is an enforcer in here, so stay out of his line of vision. When Carl and Marcus tell you to get out, you can leave the room for a moment and then come back in. Crouch behind the bar and activate the secure room when you can. 

Carl and Marcus will stand up, and the TV will come on. Wait until they are both under the chandelier, and shoot the rope. It should land on their heads, and complete the Impactful Art challenge. You can also pick up the tower sculpture to complete the Pocket-Sized Empire discovery challenge. I hope this guide helped you out!

Hitman 3: How to complete Impactful Art in Dubai - Chandelier Double Kill