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How to Complete Trophy Au Naturel in Berlin – Hitman 3

Some of the challenges in Hitman 3 that sound confusing actually turn out to be relatively straightforward. The same can be said for the Trophy Au Naturel on the feat Berlin, Germany map. This feat is one of those redacted challenges, meaning you can’t see the description, forcing you to use intuition to figure out what to do. Another option is looking it up online, which is how you arrived here. Here’s how to complete Trophy Au Naturel in Berlin on Hitman 3.

You can start at the Club Entrance location, using your default equipment. The picture of the challenge shows a photo saying no video recording or photography allowed, so we immediately know it has something to do with the camera.

How to Complete Trophy Au Naturel in Berlin

Start in the Club Entrance location, and let the bouncer pat you down. When you get the green light, proceed straight and then to the left, following the stairs down to the balcony overlooking the dance floor. You should see a shiny man wearing only his underwear, dancing like there’s no tomorrow. This man is the key to the Trophy Au Naturel challenge.

Equip your camera from your inventory, and snap a picture of this lubed up dancing human. After you get him in your frame, take the picture and put away the camera. You should see a prompt pop up on the screen’s top right, saying the challenge was complete. That’s all you need to do for this challenge. So, while it may sound confusing, you can knock it out in about one minute.

Refer to the picture above if you’re not sure which NPC to find. There’s no particular pose or anything you need to capture, and taking any old photo will do just fine. That’s another Berlin challenge done.

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