Hitman 3: How to complete Conserving Ammunition on Dubai (Guide)

There are fifteen assassination challenges on Hitman 3‘s Dubai level. One of the later challenges to complete is eliminating both targets using a single bullet from the sniper rifle. You won’t unlock the sniper rifle until Dubai mastery level 15, so it’s a challenge you may want to save for later. When you have a sniper available, here’s how to complete Conserving Ammunition in Dubai in Hitman 3.

Start in the atrium lobby with a briefcase and your sniper rifle. You don’t need any additional equipment outside of those two items.

Hitman 3: How to complete Conserving Ammunition on Dubai

  • Gain access to the server room
  • Rearrange the meeting from the computer terminal
  • Sneak to the meeting room and hide in the trunk
  • Wait for both targets to begin the meeting
  • Activate the secure room
  • Line up your shot, and eliminate both targets with one shot

The first step is gaining access to the server room, which requires the server room keycard. You can head to the tech area and climb up to the third floor, where the elite guards are patroling. Grab the crowbar before doing so, and then climb up and head into the storage room. Take out the oblivious crew member in there, and then walk through the server room.

You should now see a long hallway with a staff member on her phone. Walk past her, and take out the man at the end of the hall to acquire the server room keycard. Go back to the server room, swipe the card, and access the computer terminal. Choose to rearrange meetings, disable cameras, and open up the elevator shafts while you’re at it.

Now, exit through the storage room and make a right to the end of the hall. Use your crowbar to force open the door to the penthouse staff room. Walk up the stairs, and continue straight until you get to the meeting room. There’s an elite guard up here, so wait until he patrols to the right. When you have the opportunity, enter the room, make a left, and hide inside the trunk.

How to complete Conserving Ammunition on Dubai - Hide in Trunk

Wait in there until Carl and Marcus both sit down. You can now safely exit the trunk and crouch behind the bar. You can activate the secure room by pressing the button. Carl and Marcus will wonder what’s going on and stand up. Move a bit to your right to line up the shot, and then fire your shot. If you get them both with one bullet, congratulations, you’ve completed the Conserving Ammunition assassination challenge in Dubai!