Hitman 3 Berlin Egg Hunt: Seasonal Event Guide

It’s Easter weekend, and IO Interactive released a new event to celebrate in HITMAN 3. The new limited-time Berlin Egg Hunt escalation event begins on March 30 and runs through April 12. It brings a bit of a twist to the famous Berlin rave level, including decorations, graffiti, and lots of eggs to collect and use against targets. You can participate in the event to unlock an exclusive Raver outfit. Here’s our HITMAN 3 Berlin Egg Hunt seasonal event guide.

HITMAN 3 Berlin Egg Hunt is active from March 30 through April 12 and available to everyone that owns the game.

What is the HITMAN 3 Berlin Egg Hunt?

HITMAN 3‘s Berlin Egg Hunt is the first official seasonal event since the launch of the game. It is available to all users who own HITMAN 3. You’ll be heading to the Berlin level to do a few escalation tasks. Your knowledge of the map gets put to the test with the event’s new objectives, split into three different levels.

Each stage of the event introduces some new targets for you to hunt down and eliminate. Here’s the breakdown of each stage:

  • Berlin Egg Hunt Level 1 Objectives
    • Follow the White Rabbit. Do not eliminate or pacify him.
    • Start with a limited loadout.
    • Start in the woods.
  • Berlin Egg Hunt Level 2 Objectives
    • Eliminate the Red, Blue, and Pink Rabbits
    • No disguise changes.
    • Start at the club instead of the woods.
  • Berlin Egg Hunt Level 3 Objectives
    • Eliminate the Red, Blue, and Pink Rabbits
    • No disguise changes.
    • Start at the club instead of the woods.
    • The rabbits have moved on (whatever this means).

Eggs are a new time of item available for this limited-time event. There are four different types of eggs, and each one does something a bit different. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Yellow eggs: knocks down NPCs.
  • Green eggs: emits an explosive gas that makes NPCs sick.
  • Red eggs: emits lethal gas.
  • Blue eggs: knocks people out and subdues them.

For a detailed guide, we recommend checking out the HITMAN legend himself, MrFreeze2244. Here he is completing the event and providing some excellent tips as always:

The Raver Outfit in HITMAN 3

Completing all three challenges unlocks a special exclusive limited-time outfit: The Raver. It features black pants and a black coat, layered over a fluorescent hoodie. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like: