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Hardest BitLife Challenges of All Time

You'll literally die trying these BitLife challenges.
Candywriter's official screenshots of the BitLife app
Image via Candywriter LLC

The sky truly is the limit with BitLife, making it one of the best life simulator games. To make the game even more exciting, its developer, Candywriter, habitually releases official challenges for players to complete.

Here we’ve compiled the hardest BitLife challenges of all time. If you’ve paid to access the Challenge Vault in the game, you can try some of these that you haven’t attempted yet.

Dangerous Woman Challenge

The objectives in this challenge may seem fairly easy: simply be born a female in Miami, become a successful famous singer, and call off 4 or more engagements. However, for this challenge to be completed, you need to complete all of these before you turn 30 years old.

You may have to go through more than just a couple lives of several females born in Miami to be successful with this challenge. Every action you do for each year since you are born counts, so establish a strategy early on to beat this.

Sinderella Challenge

If you find Cinderella’s tale to be absurd, wait until you give the Sinderella challenge a go. Once you’re born a female commoner, you eventually need to become a housekeeper, attend five or more parties, and then nonchalantly murder a step-parent and step-sibling.

You have to be careful not to be caught guilty of your crimes though, as you need to find ways to marry into royalty after all that chaos you just caused to complete the challenge.

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Judy the Judge Challenge

If you have the Actor Job Pack in the game and would like to live life in hard mode, you need to have a go at this challenge if you haven’t yet. Judy the Judge challenge requires you to live a long life as you work your way to being a judge.

As if keeping your lawyer career for over 30 years to be a Magistrate isn’t enough yet, you still have to be a famous actor after and appear on multiple crime shows for 25 or more seasons.

Fast and Furious Challenge

To complete this challenge, you need to be financially successful enough to purchase your own Dodge Charger right off the bat. Once you do this, you have to steal a Bugatti, Ferrari, and a Lamborghini, and eventually sell all of them plus two more stolen cars of your choice.

Being rich and then committing theft several times sound fairly easy to do in the game, but the hardest objective of the challenge is never going to jail even after all has been done.

Wall Street Wolf Challenge

While the particularity of this challenge’s objectives makes it hilariously similar to the famed Leonardo DiCaprio film, it is also what makes it one of the hardest challenges to complete in BitLife.

You have to be a stockbroker who’s rich enough to build a bank balance of more than $22M, as you also need to afford to purchase and sink a yacht. To add more to the chaos, you also need to develop an addiction, contract four or more varying sexually transmitted diseases, and serve at least two years in prison.

Crazy Ex Challenge

Being a crazy ex who has stalker tendencies is pretty easy in this game, but not until you attempt to complete this challenge that’s filled with nothing but mayhem.

One of the tasks requires you to violate restraining orders at least four times. You also need to be careful not to get caught killing an ex’s new lover so you can eventually marry that ex who once hated you so much they had to put a restraining order on you.

Euphoria Challenge

If you don’t have God Mode in the game yet, then this challenge increases its difficulty by a great deal. What makes it one of the hardest to complete, like many of these challenges go, is its last objective.

To complete this, you need to assault your best friend, which is an interaction that’s not readily available in the game. You would need to keep socializing with a best friend to increase the chances of getting into a disagreement with them, and eventually come across an option to “attack.” (Hot tip: The crazier the friend, the better!)

Slippery Devil Challenge

Being a successful and slippery scam artist is the main goal of this challenge. After successfully running from cops at least 3 times, you need to land in prison, start a riot, and escape.

Do not be fooled as this is way harder than it sounds. Although the mini-game for starting prison riots is an easy snake game, the chance to escape is infrequent in the game so you need sheer luck on your side. Otherwise, you can get hurt and have your sentence extended. What’s worse is you can die after, so you’ll have to start from scratch yet again.

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100 Challenge

At 100 years old, you need to have 100% in all: Happiness, Health, Smarts, and Looks, and a bank balance of exactly $100. There is no one set way to finish the 100 Challenge, and you can grind so much only to mess it all up after one small mistake just when you’re nearing 100 years old in the game.

This is harder when literally anything can happen in the game all throughout the 100 years of your character’s life. Even just switching to what you thought was a healthier diet in an attempt to lengthen your life to 100 years can kill you, so this challenge may take you 100 tries to complete as well.

Rain Man Challenge

The Rain Man Challenge requires you to do one thing only: get a score of 25+ on the Memory Test. If you think having only one task will make this one of the easiest challenges to complete, then you are mistaken.

Unless you have mastered the Memory Test in the game and have an unmatched memory that can memorize at least 25 sequences of colors that increase after every repetition, then we stand corrected. You can cheat by writing the colors down on a notepad or encoding them on a computer, but that won’t be too much of a challenge now, would it?

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