How to Become a Mechanical Engineer in BitLife – Guide

Engineers are always in demand.
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Mechanical engineering is one of the most valuable careers in the job market. After all, companies always want stuff made, and they always want said stuff fixed when it inevitably breaks. Getting the skills and credentials for such a career can be an arduous process, but you can try a dry run of it in BitLife. Here’s a guide on how to become a mechanical engineer in BitLife.

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How to Become a Mechanical Engineer in BitLife – Guide

Mechanical Engineer is one of the many career paths you can pursue in BitLife, either for its own sake or for the purpose of clearing the Amongst Us challenge. Whether you plan on using your engineering skills for good or for awesome, it all begins with the proper schooling.

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The bedrock to becoming a Mechanical Engineer is smarts, smarts, and more smarts. As you start aging your character up through adolescence, you need to be laser-focused on raising your base smarts stat as high as you possibly can through studying and achievement in school. You don’t need to bother with extracurriculars or anything like that, save perhaps for Debate Club to get an extra smarts boost, just keep hitting those books and keep your grades immaculate. Remember that you can spend time studying by going to the school activities menu and selecting “Study Harder.” This is all toward the ultimate goal of getting accepted into a university.

Getting Your Engineering Degree

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Once your character reaches age 18, it’s time to spring into action. Apply to a university with an engineering degree available. If you’ve kept your grades spotless, you may be able to get in on a scholarship, too, which will make this process a bit easier. Assuming your grades and smarts are good enough, you should be accepted into your university of choice with no problems.

Once you’ve been accepted, select engineering as your major, and get studying. Once again, you need to focus exclusively on studying and getting good grades all through your college career. Forget the sports and partying, we’re trying to get a skillset here. If you kept up properly, graduation day will roll around, and you’ll have a shiny new engineering diploma to show for your efforts.

The final step is actually getting hired on as an engineer. Hit up the full-time jobs section of the occupations menu and scroll down until you see Engineer I, or age up if it isn’t there. You may see two different Engineer I positions; one of them is for mechanical engineering, which you want, and the other is chemical engineering, which you don’t. Mechanical engineering is the one with the little silver gear symbol next to it.

Apply to the job, and with your credentials and smarts, you’re a shoo-in. Congrats, you’re officially a mechanical engineer! And all it cost you with an entire adolescence worth of social interaction. Totally worth it, though, engineers make mad bank.

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