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How to Complete Sinderella Challenge in Bitlife

We've got the tips on how to become a fairytale princess.
BitLife Sinderella

The life-sim gaming app, BitLife is constantly giving players a reason to try new things in order to complete its various newly-introduced challenges. Their latest, the Sinderella Challenge, employs players to create a character reminiscent of the iconic fairytale princess that inspired it. Let’s get into what you need to do in order to complete it!

How to Complete Sinderella Challenge in Bitlife

Completing this challenge is particularly easy, as long as you follow the steps we’ve got to accomplish it. It isn’t all too time-consuming as long as you follow the steps as closely as possible. Let’s dive into it!

  • The first thing you need to do is have your character be born a female. To do this, just select female as your gender when creating your character. Any country can be used for birth as this part doesn’t matter. Secondly, you also have to make sure she is born a commoner with no ties to any royal bloodlines.
  • Your next point of contention is going to be the second element of this challenge which is to kill a step-parent or step-sibling. This is easier said than done because one of your parents has to be remarried and you can’t control this. Though you could use a mod of some sort to get around this or just keep trying until it happens. Once you have a step-parent or step-siblings, go ahead and head to the crime section in your activities tab and select murder and then your target.
  • Your third task is going to be having your character become a housekeeper. This is an easy task and one that can be completed once your character turns 18. Just go to the job section and look through the available listings until you see an opening for a housekeeper. That’s all that’s required for this one, though, if you have a hard time, try aging up and then trying again.
  • The fourth task is to attend 5 or more parties. In order to get this task completed, it’s best to be a social butterfly and make friends with many people in-game. Making friends can be easy, especially if you utilize the people you interact with in your daily activities. After making friends, go to your activities tab and select the party option. This has to be done at least 5 times in order for it to be marked complete.
  • Your last task is to marry into royalty. All you need to do for this one is to utilize the dating apps choice under the relationship section and go on dates with available royal candidates. Alternatively, you could also meet people the old-fashioned way such as throughout the game’s world, particularly at the gym. After wooing your target, they’ll propose to you after some time and you can eventually marry them after accepting.

There’s everything! that’s all you need to do in order to complete the Sinderella Challenge in BitLife! It’s not too hard of a challenge to complete and can be done pretty quickly.

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