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How to Increase Karma in BitLife

Do good, feel good.
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Karma as a concept stems from beliefs like Hinduism and Buddhism. Basically, when you do nice things, you accrue cosmic brownie points, and eventually, that good karma finds its way back to you in the form of personal benefits. BitLife utilizes its own karma system, though unlike in real life, the benefits of good karma are a bit less abstract. Here’s how to increase Karma in BitLife.

How to Increase Karma in BitLife

Karma is one of the stats that are tracked from the very beginning of your BitLife life. The stat works pretty much the same as the real-life concept of karma: if you do things that are nice, helpful, generous, and generally positive, your karma level will increase. Having a higher karma stat will prolong your life slightly, as well as give you a slight boost to your success rate in difficult or dangerous situations.

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Performing the following actions throughout your BitLife life will increase your karma stat:

  • Apologizing after wronging someone
  • Calling the police to report a crime
  • Complimenting someone
  • Donating heirloom items
  • Participating in Mind & Body activities
  • Giving gifts to friends, family, or strangers
  • Giving money to family and friends
  • Giving money to a homeless person
  • Helping a friend or stranger with something
  • Supporting your friends with their endeavors
  • Reporting dangerous or illegal activity (even if it’s from your friends)
  • Saving someone’s life
  • Serving in your country’s military

What Decreases Karma?

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Whether you’re trying to avoid low karma or are deliberately seeking it out, there are actions that will lower it just as there are actions that raise it. Generally, if you commit crimes, indulge in vices, and are a jerk to people, it will decrease.

The following actions will decrease your karma stat:

  • Arguing with and insulting people
  • Assaulting people
  • Committing and getting away with crimes
  • Purposefully refusing to save someone’s life
  • Giving other people STDs
  • Cheating on a lover or spouse
  • Going to prison
  • Skipping a friend or family member’s funeral
  • Using drugs

Karma in BitLife isn’t rocket science. You put good out, get good back, as they say. Do nice things for others and be generally helpful where you can, and you’ll find yourself leading a better life. Be a jerk to everyone and, well, you can probably guess.

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