What Does Elope Mean in Bitlife?

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Bitlife is a game in which you control a life of a complete stranger from birth to death. In this game, you will make important decisions about your character’s life that will greatly affect its course. One of the most important decisions in this game is choosing your life partner.

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What is Elope in BitLife?

To put it bluntly, eloping in bitlife is marrying someone without engagement and a wedding ceremony. You have to be over 18 years old, and you cannot be already married. After you marry someone, you can spend the rest of your life with them, making a family, supporting each other, and doing all the happy couple things.

How to Elope?

Similar to real life, when you are young and in a relationship with another character but still not married, there is an option to elope. Once you are in the relationship, there is an option to elope, which is always available in the menu when you click on your character.

Conditions to Elope

If you want to elope with someone, first of all, you have to be older than 18 years old. Then, you have to be in a relationship with another individual, and the two of you have to agree to marry but not get married yet. You cannot elope if you’re younger than 18 or if you are already married. Once you get married, the option to elope disappears.

What Does Elope Do?

When you elope, you get married right away and save money on not having to organize a ceremony, invite lots of guests, or buy expensive supplies for the ceremony. You may find yourself with a spouse who would rather get married and conduct things the traditional way. Choosing this option is a shortcut to getting married without spending time and money on ceremonies and protocols. As long as you are of adult age and in a relationship, you can use this lovely option.

Eloping is a good way to avoid all the fuss around weddings and still get married. For more related content, try out our articles How to Get Superstar Mode in BitLife or How to Play Bitlife Unblocked at School or Work.

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