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How to Panhandle and Scam in Bitlife

Hey buddy, wanna give me a dollar?
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The idea of accosting strangers on the street for money sounds deeply unappealing, but then again, I guess if it didn’t, everyone would do it. It takes a very particular kind of person to work a hustle like that, and if that sounds intriguing to you (but not so intriguing that you’d actually do it), you can try it in Bitlife. Here’s how to panhandle and scam in Bitlife.

How to Panhandle and Scam in Bitlife

Panhandling and scamming people are two of the objectives included in Bitlife’s Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop challenge, and a quick (if not entirely legal) way of making money besides. Keep in mind that, in the case of scamming, this is considered criminal activity, and can land you in hot water with the cops, which can in turn stymie other potential plans for your Bitlife run.

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First, panhandling. Panhandling is when you sit on a street, put out an empty can, and ask passersby for money. You can become a panhandler by going to the Special Careers tab and choosing Street Hustler. You’ll be prompted to select a street nearby to set up shop; when panhandling, you’ll want a street with a lot of traffic, indicated by a green traffic stat. Once you pick a street, start aging up, and the money will start flowing in. If you’re pursuing the Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop challenge, you’ll need to do this on five different streets.

Scamming People

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Scamming people in Bitlife works similarly to panhandling, but has a more overt risk of police intervention. To become a scammer, just go to Special Careers again and choose the Scam Artist job. You’ll be prompted to pick a street, as well as the kind of scam you want to pull.

There are easy, intermediate, and hard scams; easier ones are easier to pull off, while harder ones pay more. Whatever kind of scam you pick, make sure you do it on a street with a low police presence, lest you get busted. Again, if you’re going for Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, you need to scam at least 25 people, so just stick with the easy ones like a Bump and Grab.

As long as you don’t mind the risk or the loss of your dignity, you can make some quick cash by scamming and panhandling in Bitlife. Sometimes it really is as easy as asking someone for a dollar.

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