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Genshin Impact: Energy Amplifier Initiation Event Guide

Genshin Impact: Energy Amplifier Initiation Event Guide

With a new version update comes all new events like “Energy Amplifier Initiation.” This latest event is a promising look into the future of Genshin Impact. Over the next week or so, several playable “Acts” will unlock with new content for players to check out. Here’s our Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier Initiation Event guide so you can learn a bit more about this exciting event.

As a note, players must be at least Adventure Rank 20 and above are eligible for this event. 

Genshin Impact: Energy Amplifier Initiation Event Guide

Here’s everything you need to know about the Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier Initiation Event.


  • Act 1: April 30, 2021: 10:00 AM Server Time
  • Act 2: May 3, 2021: 4:00 AM Server Time
  • Act 3: May 6, 2021: 4:00 AM Server Time
  • End Date: May 17, 2021 3:59 Server Time
  • Rewards: Primogems, Mora, Hero’s Wit, Enhancement Ore, Crown of Insight

Places of Interest

Over the course of three acts, you will be able to explore areas called Places of Interest. Each of these places is further broken down into three sections. In order to progress in this event, you will have to complete all of the sections per Place of Interest. Make sure to keep checking back every few days, as new Places of Interest will unlock over the course of the event. 

It is in these special locations that the objects you seek (Irminsul Fruit Fragments) can be found. Only after defeating the enemies safeguarding the fragments will you be able to obtain them, however. 

Keep in mind that a special ore known as Mutation Stones will give all nearby enemies some kind of buff (whether it be increased strength or higher resistance to certain damage types). Target the Mutation Stones first to lower the enemy buff, then attack the enemies. You shouldn’t have to worry too much about team composition for this event since most of the enemies you will encounter are common crowd fights (Hilichurls, Treasure Hoarders, Slimes, etc.).

  • Act 1 Place of Interest: Lingju Pass
    • Irminsul Fruit Fragment Locations
      • Terrace: 30,000 Mora, 90 Fractured Fruit Data, 1 Song of Steel.
      • Flashpoint: 3 Hero’s Wit, 90 Fractured Fruit Data, 1 Emboldened.
      • Ruins: 30 Primogems, 90 Fractured Fruit Data, 1 Courageous, 1 Blade Dance.
  • Act 1 Domain: Vishap’s Rest
Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier Initiation Act 1
Genshin Impact Energy Amplifier Initiation Act 1 Map

Event Shop

One of the reasons this event is so exciting is because of the rewards that are offered. You will find a number of typical (and very useful) prizes in the Event Shop that can be exchanged for points called Fractured Fruit Data. Expect to find Character Level-Up MaterialsTalent Level-Up MaterialsCharacter ExperienceWeapon Experience, and Mora

Not only can you earn valuable in-game materials like the ones mentioned above, but there is also an opportunity to earn a maximum of 300 Primogems. While this will only be enough Primogems to make one Wish (160 Primogems per Wish), this is one of the first times Primogems have even been offered in an Event Shop. Let it be known; we hope to see even more Genshin Impact events follow suit!

Special Event Prize (Invite Diona!)

For those that played Genshin Impact during the “Lantern Festival,” you may remember receiving one of the six Liyue 4-Star characters. The “Energy Amplifier Initiation” event has a similar prize; if you turn in 1000 “Fractured Fruit Data,” you will receive Diona (or her constellation). You can only do it once during the event.

We suggest taking advantage of this event’s free character reward since characters and constellations are one of the more challenging things to obtain in the game.

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