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Genshin Impact Cake for Traveler: How To Get It & What Does It Do?

Acquiring a Cake for Traveler can only be done once a year.

Something that fans of the enormous MMORPG, Genshin Impact hold dear is its yearly updated Cake for Traveler. It is a cute little gift that the game gives players once a year on a very special day. There’s a new variant that comes out every year, making it very exciting to discover what the new year’s design will look like. Below, we’ll explain how to get the Cake for Traveler and what it actually does in-game.

Genshin Impact Cake for Traveler: How To Get It & What Does It Do?

Cake for Traveler is definitely a gift worth getting excited over. It’s something that’s only given to each player once a year on a very special day, their birthday! Your character’s birthday is specified as the day that coincides with the first day you logged into the game’s servers. So every year on that date, you’ll be given a Cake for Traveler to celebrate it. It’s also important to note that you absolutely have to log in on your “birthday” in order to receive this. Logging in even a day late won’t cut it and you’d miss out on it entirely. This really is a gift for the die-hard fans that play.

As far as what it actually does for players, it gives them 1 Fragile Resin which instantly restores 60 Original Resin as well as a copy of the cake to keep in their inventory. Of course, this copy is just a souvenir and cannot be used as the original was. The Cake for Traveler is labeled as a Very Special Item as its Item Type, Precious Items under the Inventory Category, and is a 5-star Rarity item.

Cake for Traveler is an ever-changing thing as every year there’s a new design that’s given to players. The first cake ever was given to players between the dates of Sept. 28, 2020 – Sept 27, 2021, with the latest one being given out from Sept. 28, 2021, to Sept 27, 2022. This means, that in just about two months from today players should be receiving the newly designed cake.

Above you’ll find a Tweet shared by a Twitter user who claims to have found a leaked image of this year’s new Cake for Traveler which would be coming into the game on September 28 and run through September 27, 2023. The image in question is the purple cake on the left with the floral designs and black background. Only time will tell if this design truly is real or is just a fan-made idea.

But that’s all you need to know about the Cake for Traveler. Now you know how to acquire one and what it actually does for your Genshin Impact character.

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