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Genshin Impact – Best Yoimiya Builds in the Game

Yoimiya is our best girl.
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Genshin Impact loves to celebrate their characters and they do a fantastic job trying to build the lore surrounding them. A fan favorite is Yoimiya and we wanted to give you recommendations on how to build her to be on your team. This pyro, five-star character is praised for her demeanor and fighting abilities. She’s fun to play with and even better when she’s fully maxed so you can get her full potential as a bow character. Here’s how to build Yoimiya in Genshin Impact and what you need in order to ascend her.

Building Yoimiya on Genshin Impact

Yoimiya is a range character that focuses on fire techniques to take down her opponents. She has three different role recommendations for being a proper DPS.

  • Normal Attack
  • Pyro Reactions
  • Mixed Set

Normal Attack Build

If you want to build her according to her normal attacks there are a few things you can do. We suggest pairing her up with a Thundering Pulse weapon. If you can’t get this five-star weapon, alternatives are Rust and Aqua Simulacra. The artifacts you should be giving her are Shimenawa’s Reminiscence x4. Focus on artifacts that will raise her attack, pyro damage bonus, & critical rate or critical damage.

Pyro Reaction Build

Instead of focusing on her normal attacks, we are going to focus on maximizing her pyro attacks. If you pair her up with characters such as Xingqiu or Fischl you will be causing some major damage. The weapons above are the same weapons you should keep for this build. The only difference here is artifacts. Change your artifacts to be Crimson Witch of Flames x4 and you’re good to go. If you really want to use her pyro abilities to the max try focusing on energy recharge when looking for artifacts.

Mixed Set Build

Combining the two builds above will create a balanced mixed set for Yoimiya. This will help you if you’re not interested in farming artifacts. Use the same weapons as listed above and instead use Crimson Witch of Flames x2 and Shimenawa’s Reminiscence x2. If you can’t find five-star artifacts the next best one would have to be Gambler.

Yoimiya is a great character to use in battle when teamed up with the right elemental characters. When paired with electro, hydro, geo, and cryo, she adds great support. She also is a wonderful DPS character and can easily knock out characters when these other elements have reacted with her pyro. If you want to level up Yoimiya to 90 you’re going to want to stack up on Agnidus Agate pieces, Sealed Scrolls, Naku Weeds, and Smoldering Pearls.

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