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Genshin Impact 5 Star Characters

Genshin Impact 5 Star Characters

Characters in Genshin Impact all have star ratings, which represent their rarity. Everyone starts with one five-star character who goes by the name of Main Character or Traveler. Rolling for others is a bit more of a challenge, though, and requires a lot of luck. Here’s a list of all Genshin Impact 5-Star Characters in the game right now.

Genshin Impact 5 Star Characters

Here’s a complete list of Genshin Impact 5-star characters:

  • Diluc (pyro)
  • Jean (anemo)
  • Keqing (electro)
  • Klee (pyro)
  • Mona (hydro)
  • Qiqi (cryo)
  • Venti (anemo)
  • Xiao (anemo)

Contrary to popular belief, five-star characters are not more powerful than four-star characters. You can make any hero in the game a carry by using the right gear and constellations. Players do not require five-star characters to progress through endgame content.

Five-star ratings merely represent the rarity and difficulty to wish for that character. Still, the star rating does not matter all that much because you can randomly get a bunch of five-stars if you are lucky enough. 

Additionally, there is no tier list of best characters or best team compositions in Genshin Impact. The game is all about finding which characters fit your playstyle and the type of team you want to build.

The above list of Genshin Impact 5-Star character will likely change as more content comes out, and new heroes come into the game. We’ll try and keep this list up-to-date as new patches release.

Rolling 5-Star Characters

To unlock 5-star characters, you’ll need to use your wishes on some banners. Wishes come in the form of Intertwined Fate and Aquaint Fate. Depending on the type of banner or pack you want to pull, it may require one or the other. Some banners may have a higher chance to find specific characters. If you are looking for a particular character, try waiting until they have a featured banner.

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