Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Error 2002 "Lobby Server Connection"
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Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Error 2002 “Lobby Server Connection”

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Error 2002 "Lobby Server Connection"

Just minutes after the release of Final Fantasy XIV’s Endwalker early access, players have already lined up to be one of the first people to start playing the expansion around the world. However, it seems these players have encountered a slight problem as the login queues are reaching up to 5,000 players in just the first 15 minutes of the launch. Some Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker players are being kicked out of the queue due to an error 2002 message saying, “The lobby server connection has encountered an error.”

Players have gone on Twitter and Reddit to start sharing memes about the Final Fantasy 14 Error 2002, poking fun at the fact that they are stuck in an endless loop of queueing up only to get disconnected once they reach a certain point. Despite the game releasing at 4 a.m ET in North America, the region is experiencing long queue timers due to the congestion of servers.

How to fix Final Fantasy 14 Error 2002 “The lobby server connection has encountered an error”

The Final Fantasy 14 Error 2002 occurs when the login servers are experiencing congestion due to many players attempting to connect simultaneously. There is a good chance this continues throughout the release and into December.

Data Centers also can only support 17,000 players in the login queue. The cap is in place to ensure players can eventually get staggered into the server and can play the game. Otherwise, the servers could completely crash, and there would be no server to play on for a brief time. North American data centers consist of eight servers, while EU servers have six.

To resolve this issue, players should practice patience and not spam the login servers. There is nothing players can do on their end to magically skip the queue and begin playing. Everyone will need to wait their turn in the queue. 

Final Fantasy XIV developers stated a week ago that they have optimized the servers in preparation for the arrival of Endwalker. However, they warned that players might still experience longer queue times. They also mentioned that they failed to create new worlds (servers) due to a shortage in semiconductors globally which would have helped address the problem of congested servers.

Despite the chaos that came with its release, players who managed to get in are already having a fantastic time doing the new quests and exploring the new areas in the expansion. If you’re looking for a review on whether or not Endwalker will be worth buying, you may have to wait a few more days until the players and critics have played the game enough to formulate a well-grounded opinion on the expansion.

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