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FF7 Remake Status Ailments

Final Fantasy 7 remake is finally upon us, and it’s time for most of us to relive that childhood gaming experience. For some people, this might be their first playthrough. Either way, a lot of things have changed in the remake, including completely reworked combat and gameplay systems.

One thing you’ll want to do before diving into the game is to check out our FF7 Remake Combat Tips guide to get an overview of a few things you should know. One of those things is to learn the FF7 Remake Status Ailments and memorize them. Each Status Ailment does something different, and enemies afflict these with spells and abilities.

FF7 Remake Status Ailments

Here’s a complete list of FF7 Remake Status Ailments:

FF7 Remake Status Ailments
FF7 Remake Status Ailments
  • Poison – Gradually saps HP.
  • Silence – Unable to Cast Spells.
  • Sleep – Unable to Act
  • Slow – Decreases the rate at which the ATB gauge fills.
  • Stop – Unable to act.
  • Toad – Greatly lowers battle capabilities
  • Berserk – Exchanges defense for strength (more damage is dealt and received)
  • Fury – Quickens limit break gauge charge, but takes more damage.
  • Sedate – Takes less damage, but slows limit break gauge charge.

Status ailments disappear over time or when the battle ends. You can also use items like antidotes or spells like Esuna before to get rid of them. One thing you will also want to do is learn the FF7 Remake Beneficial Status Effects because some of them can prove to be quite devastating for your battle.

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