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Fastest Way to get Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons

Fastest Way to get Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons

Emeralds play an essential part in the game of Minecraft Dungeons. They are the currency, and what you will use to gamble for items from the Blacksmith and the Wandering Trader. In this guide, we’ll show you the fastest way to get Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons. 

Farming Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons

When it comes to action RPGs, efficiency is everything. We found the most optimized route to farm for Emeralds, resulting in the highest Emeralds per minute. The fastest way to get Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons is from Soggy Cave. There is a specific chest in here that we can get to and finish the level in under one minute. 

If you’re not familiar with this area, you can refer to our guide to unlock Soggy Cave in Minecraft Dungeons. Once you have this area opened, you can begin this Emerald farming method. 

Start by running past all of the mobs straight into the next area. What we’re after is the final chest. Head into the next area, which we recommend doing with some increased speed items like Boots of Swiftness and Ghost Cloak. Once you enter the next area, run past the mobs again and into any of the portals.

Soggy Cave Skip Method

Now, you can skip the gates where the mobs spawn on each level. Skips involve rolling past the gate by using elevated blocks on the map. There is also one skip where you can bypass this entire area if you have an Xbox controller. To do the ultimate skip, use the Xbox controller to auto teleport into the final portal. Doing this allows you to bypass the gauntlets.

Soggy Cave Skip Method

Position yourself in the corner like this, with your mouse over the entrance to the portal behind the wall. After plugging in your Xbox controller, you can enter the portal right away and bypass all of the level. This means you can do these runs in under a minute every time, getting a massive amount of Emeralds and some nice rares and unique items.

If you are having some trouble, I made this video to demonstrate the skip. Keep in mind, you need to plug in an Xbox controller for this to work. Otherwise, you will need to go in the two portals, defeat the gauntlets (or skip them), and solve the puzzles to open up the final portal. Either way, this is still the fastest farming method without the mega skip.

You can also put this on maximum difficulty regardless of your power level because you don’t need to actually fight any mobs. For that reason, it’s a great way to boost your item power levels quickly. If you want to check out other useful Minecraft Dungeons information, check out these:

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