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Minecraft Dungeons Unique Items: Melee, Ranged, and Armor

Unique items are the most powerful and hardest to find loot in Minecraft Dungeons. Items can come in three different rarities: common, rare, and unique. Common items are base items, and there are rare and unique versions of all of them.

Items can be either armor, ranged weapons, or melee weapons. Each item contains a random set of Enchantments on it that you can upgrade with points. You can obtain these points from leveling up your character. Unique items naturally have an extra Enchantment on them, which you can see under the “effect” column in the tables below. The right combination of Enchantments on an item can make even common and rare items amazing. 

How to find Unique Items

You can find unique items in Minecraft Dungeons in one of two ways. The first way is by visiting the blacksmith and gambling with Emeralds. Blacksmith has a chance to drop any item in the game, so the loot pool is very large and you’ll have to get lucky. The second way is through grinding dungeons, which entails killing mobs and opening chests.

When you go to travel to an area, you can see which items drops in that area on the bottom left. Find the item you want and start grinding out those dungeons. When you reach the endgame of Minecraft Dungeons, you can refer to our Minecraft Dungeons Unique Items List to see which items you have not found yet. Below is a complete list of all unique (legendary) items in the game along with their effects.

Minecraft Dungeons Unique Items – Armor

Archer’s ArmorArmor+15% movespeed aura
Cave CrawlerArmor+50% artifact damage
Ember RobeArmorBurns nearby enemies
Fox ArmorArmor30% chance to negate hits
Frost BiteArmorSpawns a snowy companion
Full Metal ArmorArmor35% damage reduction
Hero’s ArmorArmor-40% Potion Cooldown
Highland ArmorArmorGains speed after dodge
Renegade ArmorArmor+20% weapon damage boost aura
Souldancer RobeArmor30% chance to negate hits
Spider ArmourArmor3% life steal aura
Splendid RobeArmor+50% artifact damage
Stalwart ArmorArmorPotion use boosts Defense
Titan’s ShroudArmor+100% souls gathered
Wither ArmorArmor35% damage reduction

Minecraft Dungeons Unique Items – Ranged

NameBase ItemDescription
AzureseekerBowIncreased Fire Rate
BonebowBowArrows grow size
Bow of Lost SoulsSoulbowChance for Multishot
Butterfly CrossbowRapid Fire CrossbowShoot two enemies at once
Doom CrossbowHeavy CrossbowAdditional Knockback
Elite Power BowPowerbowGreater damage
Firebolt ThrowerExploding CrossbowChance of CHain Reaction
Guardian BowBowSuper charged arrows
Hunter’s PromiseHunting BowChance to Regain Arrows
Lightning Harp CrossbowScatter CrossbowChance to ricochet
Master’s BowHunting BowExtra Damage Dealt
Mechanical ShortbowShortbowAccelerated Fire Rate
Nocturnal BowBowSteals Speed
Purple StormBowIncreased Fire Rate
Red SnakeLongbowChance for Arrows to Explode
SabrewingBowHeals Allies in the Area
Slayer CrossbowHeavy CrossbowChance to ricochet
The Green MenaceTrickbowSpawns Poison Clouds
The Pink ScoundrelBowChance to Enrage Mobs
The SlicerCrossbowChance to fire piercing bolts
Twin BowBowShoots Two Enemies At Once
VoidcallerSoul CrossbowPulls in enemies

Minecraft Dungeons Unique Items – Melee

BroadswordClaymoreExtra damage
Cursed AxeDouble AxeDefeated mobs explode
Dancer’s SwordCutlassIncreased attack speed.
Dark KatanaKatanaExtra damage to Undead
Diamond PickaxePickaxeFinds more emeralds
Diamond SwordSwordExtra damage
Eternal KnifeSoul KnifeChance to gain Souls
Fangs of FrostDaggersSlows mobs
Fighter’s BindingsGlovesBoosts attack speed
FirebrandAxeBurns mobs
FlailMaceBinds and Chains enemies
Frost ScytheScytheSlows mobs
Grave BaneGlaiveExtra damage to Undead
Hammer of GravityGreat HammerPulls in enemies
HawkbrandSwordIncreases critical hit chance
HeartstealerClaymoreLeeches health from mobs
Highland AxeAxeStuns mobs
Jailor’s ScytheSoul KnifeBinds and chains enemies
MaulersGauntletsIncreased attack speed
Nameless BladeCutlassWeakens enemy attacks
Nightmare’s BiteSickleSpawns poison clouds
Soul FistsGauntletsSouls Critical Boost
Sun’s GraceMaceHeals allies in the area
StormlanderHammerFires Lightning Bolts
Great Splash
The Last LaughSickleMobs drop more emeralds
TruthseekerSwordIncreased damage to wounded
Venom GlaiveGlaiveSpawns poison clouds
WhirlwindAxeCasts Shockwave

These are all the unique items in the game at the moment. We will do our best to keep this list updated as new items are added to the game in upcoming DLCs. Other useful Minecraft Dungeons information:

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