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Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments Guide

Minecraft Dungeons is a new dungeon crawler that takes place in the Minecraft universe. Players fight their way through dungeons slaying enemies to collect loot and level up their characters. There are three item slots for your character to equip a melee weapon, a ranged weapon, and armor.

Builds in this game are centered around Enchantments, which can go on any item you can equip. Enchantments add modifiers to your items to make them stronger and grant you new abilities. When players level up, they acquire Enchantment Points that can be spent on leveling up item Enchantments up to a maximum of three tiers.

Tier 1 CostTier 2 CostTier 3 Cost
Common1 Point2 Points3 Points
Powerful2 Points3 Points4 Points

You want to pick Enchantments that complement each other and synergize well together. Unique items inherently gain an extra Enchantment, so they are typically better in general. Here is the full list of Minecraft Dungeons Enchantments so you can get an idea of the different ones out there.

Armor Enchantments

EnchantmentRarityDescriptionTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
BurningCommonEvery 0.5 seconds damages all enemies in melee rangeSmall fire damageMedium fire damageLarge fire damage
Cool DownCommonReduces the cooldown time between uses of your artifacts-10% reduced cooldown-19% reduced cooldown-27% reduced cooldown
CowardiceCommonWhile you are at full HP, you deal increased range and melee damage+20% increased range and melee damage+30% increased range and melee damage+40% increased range and melee damage
DeflectCommonGrants a small chance to deflect incoming projectiles20% chance to trigger40% chance to trigger60% chance to trigger
ElectrifiedCommonRolling zaps three nearby enemies with lightning bolts, dealing damageSmall electric damageMedium electric damageLarge electric damage
ExplorerCommonFor every one hundred blocks explored on the map, you regain a small amount of health0.3% health regained0.7% health regained1.0% health regained
Fire TrailCommonRolling creates a trail of fire behind you, which deals damage to mobs for four secondsSmall fire damage per secondMedium fire damage per secondLarge fire damage per second
Food ReservesCommonWhenever you use a healing potions, you also create random food items1 item crafted2 items crafted3 items crafted
FrenziedCommonWhile you are at less than half health, your attack speed is increased+10% melee and ranged attack speed+20% melee and ranged attack speed+30% melee and ranged attack speed
Health SynergyCommonWhen activating any artifact, you regain a small amount of health3% health regained4% health regained5% health regained
Potion BarrierCommonWhenever you use a healing potion, you take -90% damage for a short duration5 seconds duration7 seconds duration9 seconds duration
RecyclerCommonBeing hit by damage-inflicting projectiles will ocassionally craft a small quiver of arrowsEvery 30th projectileEvery 20th projectileEvery 10th projectile
SnowballCommonFires a snowball at a nearby enemy every few seconds, briefly stunning itTriggers every 5 secondsTriggers every 3 secondsTriggers every second
Soul SpeedCommonWHen you gather a soul, you gain a 1% stacking movement speed boost for a short time2 seconds duration3 seconds duration4 seconds duration
Speed SynergyCommonWhen activating any artifact, you gain +20% movement speed for a short time1 second duration2 seconds duration3 seconds duration
Surprise GiftCommonWhenever you use a healing potion, you sometimes create random consumables50% chance to trigger100% chance to trigger150% chance to trigger
SwiftfootedCommonRolling makes you move faster for three seconds+30% movement speed+40% movement speed+50% movement speed
ThornsCommonWhenever you take damage, you deal damage back to the attacker100% damage returned150% damage returned200% damage returned
ChillingPowerfulEmits a blast every two seconds reducing movement and attack speed of nearby enemies for one second-20% reduced speed-40% reduced speed-60% reduced speed
Final ShoutPowerfulWhen your health drops below 25%, all your artifacts are used (ignoring cooldown periods)Up to every 12th secondUp to every 10th secondUp to every 8th second
Gravity PulsePowerfulA blast occurs every five seconds that pulls nearby enemies towards you100% range150% range200% range
ProtectionPowerfulReduces damage taken-6% damage taken-11% damage taken-15% damage taken

Melee Enchantments

EnchantmentRarityDescriptionTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Anima ConduitCommonEach soul you absorb grants a small amount of health1% health gained2% health gained3% health gained
ChainsCommonHas a 30% chance to chain a cluster of mobs together and keep them bound for a shot time1 second duration2 seconds duration3 seconds duration
CommittedCommonDeal increased damage against already wounded enemies0-50% bonus damage0-75% bonus damage0-100% bonus damage
EchoCommonSome of your attacks can be followed up by another attack in rapid successfion5 seconds cooldown4 seconds cooldown3 seconds cooldown
Fire AspectCommonSets mobs on fire for three seconds, dealing damage over timeSmall amount of fire damage per second.Medium amount of fire damage per second.Large amount of fire damage per second.
FreezingCommonSlows mobs after hit for three seconds-20% reduced speed-30% reduced speed-40% reduced speed
LeechingCommonDefeating a mob heals you a small portion of the mob’s max health4% of mob max health6% of mob max health8% of mob max health
LootingCommonIncreases the chance for mobs to drop consumables+100% increased chance+200% increased chance+300% increased chance
ProspectorCommonFind more Emeralds on fallen enemies5 seconds duration10 seconds duration15 seconds duration
RampagingCommonAfter defeating a mob, there is a 10% chance to increase your attack speed by +50% for a short time5 seconds duration10 seconds duration15 seconds duration
SharpnessCommonMakes your weapons sharper, causing it to deal more damage+10% damage+21% damage+33% damage
SmitingCommonIncreases damage against the Undead+20% increased damage+30% increased damage+40% increased damage
StunningCommonChance to temporarily stun enemies5% chance to trigger10% chance to trigger15% chance to trigger
ThunderingCommonHas a 30% chance to summon a lightning strike that damages nearby enemiesDeals small electrical damage.Deals medium electrical damage.Deals large electrical damage.
WeakeningCommonYour attacks decrease the attack damage of all nearby enemies for five seconds-20% reduced damage-30% reduced damage-40% reduced damage
Critical HitPowerfulGives you a chance to inflict critical hits dealing triple damage10% chance to trigger15% chance to trigger20% chance to trigger
ExplodingPowerfulMobs explode after they are defeatedDeals 20% of enemy’s health as damage.Deals 40% of enemy’s health as damage.Deals 60% of enemy’s health as damage.
RadiancePowerfulHas a 20% chance to spawn a circular area that heals all allies within itSmall amount of health healed.Medium amount of health healed.Large amount of health healed.
ShockwavePowerfulThe last attack in a combo launches a shockwave, damaging enemies.Deals a small amount of damage.Deals a medium amount of damage.Deals a large amount of damage.
SwirlingPowerfulThe last attack in a combo performs a swirling attack, damaging nearby enemiesDeals a small amount of damage.Deals a medium amount of damage.Deals a large amount of damage.

Ranged Enchantments

EnchantmentRarityDescriptionTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
AccelerateCommonIncreases attack speed for each consecutive shot. Resets one second after the attack8% increase per shot10% increase per shot12% increase per shot
Bonus ShotCommonFiring a shot also fires a second shot at a nearby enemy. The second shot has reduced damage10% damage per shot17% damage per shot24% damage per shot
Enigma ResonatorCommonGive a chance to triple damage based on number of souls you have0-15% chance to trigger0-20% chance to trigger0-25% chance to trigger
Fuse ShotCommonEvery few shots has a timed charge that explodes one second after impact, dealing 100% damage to nearby mobsEvery 5th shotEvery 4th shotEvery 3rd shot
GrowingCommonThe fired shot grows in the air, dealing extra damage to distant targets25% max damage50% max damage75% max damage
InfinityCommonChance to immediately replenish an arrow after shooting16% chance to trigger32% chance to trigger48% chance to trigger
MultishotCommonGrants the chance to fire five arrows at once20% chance to trigger30% chance to trigger40% chance to trigger
PiercingCommonArrows pierce through the first enemyEvery 3rd arrowEvery 2nd arrowEvery arrow
Poison CloudCommonHas a 30% chance to summon a poison cloud that deals damage to enemies in an area for three secondsSmall amount of poison damage per second.Medium amount of poison damage per second.Large amount of poison damage per second.
PowerCommonPower boosts arrow damage+10% damage+21% damage+33% damage
PunchCommon200% Pushback+200% pushback+300% pushback+400% pushback
Radiance ShotCommonHas a 20% chance to spawn a circular area that heals all allies within itSmall amount of health healed.Medium amount of health healed.Medium amount of health healed.
Rapid FireCommonIncreases your attack speed+10% attack speed+15% attack speed+20% attack speed
RicochetCommonSmall chance for arrows to ricochet off mobs+20% chance to trigger+40% chance to trigger+60% chance to trigger
SuperchargeCommonCharged shots deal more damage and have more pushback+20% increased damage+30% increased damage+40% increased damage
UnchantingCommonProjectiles deal more dmaage to enchanted enemies+50% bonus damage+75% bonus damage+100% bonus damage
Wild RageCommonHitting an enemy has a chance to send it into a rage, making it hostile towards everyone20% chance to trigger30% chance to trigger40% chance to trigger
Chain ReactionPowerfulHas a chance to fire five arrows in all directions on impact10% chance to trigger20% chance to trigger30% chance to trigger
Gravity PulsePowerfulPulls the mobs in range towards the point of impact1 second duration1.5 second duration2 second duration
Tempo TheftPowerfulSteals a small amount of a mob’s movement speed and gives it to you for four seconds17% stolen speed33% stolen speed50% stolen speed

What are the Best Enchantments?

Picking the best Enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons depends on your build. Here are some good Enchantments broke down by build types.

Best Enchantments for Melee Weapons

For melee weapons, you want to run Radiance and Critical Strike. These two are usually mandatory, and the third can be something like Sharpness if you need damage, Swirling if you have a super-fast attack weapon, or Committed for the flat 2x damage boost.

Best Enchantments for Bows in Minecraft Dungeons

When it comes to bows, this depends on how you want to play. I personally use bows to add movement speed so I always get Tempo Theft and Gravity to make more density for melee.

If you want to go for straight damage, something like Rapid Fire, Accelerate, and Piercing are good choices. You can also mix in Infinity if you find yourself running out of arrows often.

Best Enchantments for Armor in Minecraft Dungeons

Armor Enchantments are very important, and some are far better than others. Surprise Gift is becoming a must have, because of the chance to spawn Strength potions which significantly boosts damage. Cool Down is another popular one, allowing players to reduce all Artifact cooldowns by 27% at tier 3. Lastly, Potion Barrier is great because it grants you a 90% damage reduction whenever you use a potion.

If you’re going for speed builds, something like Speed Synergy and Swiftfooted are must-have Enchantments. Thorns, Deflect, and Cowardice are ones to consider as well, depending on the build.

Potion Barrier

Potion Barrier is one of the most overpowered Enchantments in its current state. Using healing potions reduces the damage you take by 90% for a few seconds. This means you’re basically invulnerable for a short time after you heal. It’s incredibly good at high levels and you should try and pick it up on your armor if possible.

Best Minecraft Enchantments Potion Barrier

Infinity Enchantment

The Infinity enchantment has a 16% chance to trigger additional arrows, which comes in handy during dungeons. You can level it up to level 3 for a 48% chance to trigger. At this level, you will save almost half your arrows which is great for bow builds.

Piercing Enchantment

The Piercing Enchantment is another good one for bows because it allows you to hit more than one target without much damage fall off. This can cause other Enchantments or weapon affixes to proc as well.

Rapid Fire Enchantment

Flat out attack speed increases are great enchantments for bow builds. Having the extra attack speed, unlimited ammo, and piercing makes for some serious damage output.

Swiftfooted Enchantment

A great defensive Enchantment is Swiftfooted, which causes you to move faster for three seconds after performing a roll. It adds some much needed mobility, which could end up saving your life more than once.

Check out our full Minecraft Dungeons unique items list to see what kind of loot is out there, as well as our Rune Locations guide to get yourself into the secret level.

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