How to Get the Cloaked Armor Set in Minecraft Dungeons

Earn this ghastly armor set during the Minecraft Dungeons Spooky Fall event.
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Minecraft Dungeons is a dungeon-crawling game set in the blocky Minecraft universe. With fast-paced combat and co-op capabilities for up to 4 players, it’s a great game to spend loads of time in. 

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One of the most fun aspects of Minecraft Dungeons, besides slaying hordes of mobs, is collecting the armor sets. In Minecraft Dungeons, armor sets are one entire set of armor that fits into one slot that covers the character’s entire body. These armor sets can be common, rare, and unique. 

The higher that a set of armor goes in rarity, the better the stats and abilities it will possess. With this in mind, players will certainly want to hunt for the rarest and best armor in the game to make their characters even stronger.

One such armor set that is on a lot of players’ wish lists is the cloaked armor set, known as the Cloaked Skull. But how can players get the Cloaked Skull set in Minecraft Dungeons? Read on to find out.

How players can obtain the Cloaked Skull armor set

The Cloaked Skull set is part of special event in Minecraft Dungeons called Spooky Fall. In this event, players can participate in challenges, including climbing a spooky tower in order to earn in-game rewards. The Cloaked Skull is a special Halloween variant of the Ghost Kindler unique armor set and can randomly drop for players during this event. The Cloaked Skull’s abilities include:

  • Spawns fire on roll
  • Briefly gain Ghost Form when rolling
  • 30% chance to negate hits

The Cloaked Skull armor set is great for players who prefer a build that is more of an evasive nature. The specialty of the set is that it can let players roll away from danger and still inflict pain on their enemies. In addition, the 30% chance to negate hits can help to increase their survivability whenever they are struck by the enemy.

There are some great choices to be used alongside this set as far as weapons go. Fast-hitting daggers or fist weapons can make quick work of enemies and allow the player to get in and out of combat in a hurry. Weapons paired with enchants such as Critical Strike or Radiance can greatly increase both damages as well as survivability when paired with the fast attack speed and healing gained from attacking.

How long does the Spooky Fall event last?

For those who are looking to get their hands on some Halloween-themed items in Minecraft Dungeons, the Spooky Fall event is going on from October 26 to November 9, 2022. After this event is completed, players will not be able to access the Cloaked Skull armor set as a natural drop.

However, for players who miss the event and still wish to get this armor in their collection, it can be obtained by having someone send this armor to them through the Gift Wrapper in the camp. Armor obtained this way will be set to the character’s item level, and allow players to instantly be able to make use of it if they obtain it in a trade.

For more information on Minecraft Dungeons, check out our other guides to learn how to obtain even more cool items and equipment in-game.

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