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Doom Eternal Update 1 to add Empowered Demons and Battlemode improvements

Doom Eternal Update 1

The first big update is set to roll out soon for DOOM Eternal, and it looks like some exciting new features are right around the corner. Update 1 will be adding new optimizations, Battlemode enhancements, and the most exciting feature, Empowered Demons.

Empowered Demons

A post from id Software outlines some of the new features, including Empowered Demons. If a slayer is killed by a demon in the singleplayer campaign, that demon is buffed up and teleported to another player’s game. If a player manages to kill the Empowered Demon, they get extra health, ammo, and a huge XP boost.

After this update releases, you might encounter one of these beefed up demons at any moment. It’s not clear whether they will be replacing regular enemies, or if they show up as an additional enemy. There are also not many details about exactly how powerful these enemies can get.

Imagine one demon going through ten different players’ games and slaying them all. That would be a pretty insane demon to try and kill, but perhaps there’s some sort of buff cap to limit their power. Either way, this is an interesting new concept to make the singleplayer mode a little more dynamic.

New features are also coming to Battlemode, including the implementation of Denuvo Anticheat, Echelon Leveling for players who have already reached maximum level, and other quality of life improvements. Update 1 will also address some balance issues, such as nerfing toxic damage while swimming, and dashing vertically in water.

A new friends list is also coming to the client that utilizes Account IDs. This means you will soon be able to easily invite your friends to join in on some demon-slaying action. Players can also expect to see some new demons and maps in Battlemode down the line. These maps will be kept up to date for the long-term, according to the developers.

There’s no official date for Update 1 yet, but Bethesda claims it’s “almost here.” Players can also look forward to two Doom Eternal DLCs before the end of 2020.

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