DOOM Eternal Mission 2 Exultia Guide

Doom Eternal Exultia Guide

This DOOM Eternal collectibles guide for the second mission, Exultia, will go through all the collectibles and secrets. In this specific mission, there is a lot to cover. We will cover the Modbot, Sentinel Crystal, Codex, Sentinel Battery, Rune, Empyrean Key, Secret Combat Encounters, and an Album.

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Codex Entry 1

Punch the first wall and turn left. You’ll find the first Codex Entry at the end of this path.

Rune 1

In the cylinder area, go down the lift and follow the path with electric sparks and enemies to find the first rune.

Toy 1

After finding the first rune, turn right and walk down the steps. You’ll come to an archway, and you’ll need to punch the indent seen on the left wall and enter to find the toy.

Codex Entry 2

Before the rotating generator room, look towards the left of the giant knight statue. Jump across to get the second codex entry that is sitting in front of a gate.

Codex Entry 3

In the spinning blade room, you will find a box with a hand on it. Melee it to push it back and climb to the top. Head over to the opposite side of the area to find the codex entry.

Codex Entry 4

You’ll see a cutscene, after which you need to turn around and go behind the throne. Make a right and you will see the next codex.

Sentinel Battery 1

You won’t be able to miss this one, as it’s on the path before the portal.

Album 1

Next to the giant hand and arm on the ground, melee the big box from the left side and push it out of the way. Follow this path that will lead you to the record.

Modbot 1

By the tunnel with the big arm. Go down the route with the purple sludge. There will be a map in there so pick that up. Go past the map and follow the path until you hit a wall you need to climb up and jump off to the right. You’ll see the modbot there.

Codex Entry 5

Jump to the wall, and then turn around and jump up to the bridge where a zombie will be shooting at you. Be sure not to get knocked off. You will see the codex on your left.

Sentinel Crystal 1

Shoot the gun to break open the hole in the wall. Double Dash across the opening into the hole and take a left into the purple sludge area. It’s in the first room (don’t jump into the hole).

Codex Entry 6

This one is located close to the slayer door. Jump down into the corner and you’ll see the codex.

Slayer Key

Go passed the slayer door to the left and jump up to the top. Turn around and double dash over to the upper area. Jump down to the lower platform that contains the key.

Empyrean Key 1

Now, head to the slayer gate and open it up using the key we just got. Complete this and you will get the Empyrean Key.

Toy 2

The second toy is located after the electric gates. Jump to the platform across the cliff and up over the molten rock to locate it.

Codex Entry 7

Talk to the betrayer, and continue on the path up. You will find the seventh codex entry just before the exit to the mission.

That’s all for the main Exultia Collectibles. There are some extra life collectibles and hidden secrets scattered throughout the area as well, so read on if you are interested in those.

Extra Life 1

When you first load into the mission, head straight and jump down. Turn around and you will see the extra life.

Extra Life 2

From the electricity room, jump up the wall and into the center area. Circle around to find the second extra life.

Secret Encounter 1

Look for the pink icon on the map, near a bunch of knight statues. You will need to make three different jumps up to the location and interact with the pink circle.

Extra Life 3

This one is located on the way to an objective marker. You need to make sure to turn around so you don’t miss it.

Extra Life 4

The fourth extra life in this mission is hidden right behind the big throne.


When you open up the three doors, heads back to the previous area and look down off the cliffs. Jump down to the area with a pentagram on the ground. From there, look down and you will see a platform with a wall that can be broken. Knock it out and you’ll find a secret in there.

Easter Egg

There’s an easter egg near one of the codexes. You need to jump over the flaming chains and head down the lava path. You’ll find an old school DOOM door that you can collect.

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