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Cram-o-Matic Recipes in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Cram-o-Matic Recipes in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Are you looking for Cram-o-matic recipes? At the beginning of the new Pokemon Sword & Shield’s new Isle of Armor DLC, you will unlock an item combiner that Hyde calls the Cram-o-matic.

It turns out there are many exciting item combinations you can use in this machine. In this guide, we’re going to list all of the known Cram-o-matic recipes we have discovered so far.

How to unlock the Cram-o-matic

To unlock the Cram-o-matic, you need to own the Isle of Armor expansion pass. You can pick this up in the Nintendo e-Shop if you don’t have it already.

Next, head inside the Dojo to the room with Hyde. You need to supply Hyde with 500 Watts to get his machine up and running, which will unlock the Cram-o-matic for you to use.

For 100 Watts, Hyde will give you a random recipe to test out. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to keep track of these Cram-o-matic recipes in-game yet.

How to use the Cram-o-matic

Using the Cramorant Item Combiner in Pokemon Sword & Shield is relatively simple. You can take any four items and throw them into the machine. The game will quick-save, so keep that in mind, because you cannot revert your decision. Those four items will then combine into something new. 

There are many different item recipes out there, including tiered recipes that require materials that you can only get some combining items. Let’s take a look at some of the Cramorant Item Combiner recipes. Keep in mind the order you input the items into the Cram-o-matic does matter.

Cram-o-matic Recipes in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Poke Ball Recipes

One essential set of Cram-o-matic recipes to learn is Poke Balls. Players can use four Apricorns of a specific color, obtained from trees around the Isle of Armor, to create a Poke Ball.

  • Dive Ball – Blue Apricorn x4
  • Dusk Ball – Black Apricorn x4
  • Fast Ball – White Apricorn x4
  • Friend Ball – Green Apricorn x4
  • Great Ball – Yellow Apricorn x4
  • Heal Ball – Pink Apricorn x4
  • Heavy Ball – Black Apricorn x4
  • Level Ball – Red Apricorn x4
  • Love Ball – Pink Apricorn x4
  • Lure Ball – Blue Apricorn x4
  • Luxury Ball – Black Apricorn x4
  • Moon Ball – Yellow Apricorn x4
  • Nest Ball – Green Apricorn x4
  • Net Ball – Blue Apricorn x4
  • Poke Ball – Green Apricorn x2, Yellow Apricorn x2
  • Quick Ball – Yellow Apricorn x4
  • Repeat Ball – Red Apricorn x4
  • Sport Ball – Red Apricorn x2, Black Apricorn x2
  • Timer Ball – White Apricorn x4
  • Ultra Ball – Green Apricorn x4

Full Cram-o-matic Recipe List

Ability CapsuleRare CandyRare CandyRare CandyRare Candy
Absorb BulbSticky BarbBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
Adrenaline OrbDusk StoneDynamax CandyDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
Air BalloonMagoPower WeightEject PackEject Button
Assault VestMetal PowderCracked PotDubious DiscIce Stone
Balm MushroomBig MushroomBig MushroomBig MushroomBig Mushroom
Big MushroomAguavBig PearlBig PearlBig Pearl
Big NuggetNuggetNuggetNuggetNugget
Big PearlPearlPearlPearlPearl
Black sludgeOranOranOranOran
Blunder PolicyPretty FeatherFlower SweetQuick clawRose Incense
Bottle CapBig NuggetBig NuggetBig NuggetComet Shard
Bright PowderShed ShellShed ShellShed ShellShed Shell
Cell BatteryElectric SeedElectric SeedExp. Candy LExp. Candy L
Cleanse TagMago BerryBalm MushroomBalm MushroomStar Piece
Comet ShardComet ShardWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
Cracked PotSpell TagDestiny KnotWishing PieceLax Mint
Destiny KnotMoon StoneWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
Dragon FangAguavPearlPearlPearl
Dragon ScaleDragon FangDragon FangDragon FangDragon Fang
Dubious DiscLight BallWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
Electric SeedPechaPechaPechaPecha
EverstoneHard StoneHard StoneHard StoneHard Stone
EvioliteHard StoneHard StoneBig NuggetBig Nugget
Expert BeltMacho BraceBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
Flame OrbCheriCheriRare BoneRare Bone
Float StoneOval StoneStardustStardustStardust
Gold Bottle CapBottle CapBottle CapBottle CapBottle Cap
Grassy SeedGreen ApricornKebia BerryKebia BerryKebia Berry
Grip ClawSharp BeakBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBig Mushro
Hard StoneFloat StoneFloat StoneFloat StoneFloat Stone
Icy RockIce StoneIce StoneIce StoneIce Stone
King’s RockDragon FangBlack GlassesPP UpPP Up
Life OrbDragon ScaleBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
Light BallFossil BirdFossil BirdComet shardComet shard
Light ClaySoft SandRare BoneRare BoneRare Bone
Love SweetWhipped DreamBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
Macho BraceCarbosPP MaxIce StoneWishing Piece
MagnetCell BatteryCell BatteryCell BatteryCell Battery
Metal CoatIron BallIron BallIron BallIron Ball
Metal PowderIron BallCharti BerryAdrenaline OrbGrepa Berry
Misty SeedKee BerryKee BerryKee BerryKee Berry
Muscle BandCalciumNuggetWater StoneGrepa Berry
Mystic WaterFossil FishFossil FishComet ShardComet Shard
Never Melt IceFossil DinoFossil DinoFossil DinoFossil Dino
Odd IncenseDusk StoneFigy BerryFigy BerryFigy Berry
Oval StoneCharti BerryDusk StoneRing TargetWave Incense
Pearl StringBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
Poison BarbToxic OrbWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
PP UpArmorite OreArmorite OreArmorite OreArmorite Ore
Pretty FeatherLumLumLumLum
Prism ScaleBig PearlBig PearlBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
ProtectorLagging TailLight ClayLight ClayLight Clay
Quick PowderWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing PieceBlue Apricorn
Random SweetAny SweetAny SweetAny SweetAny Sweet
Rare CandyBig NuggetComet ShardComet ShardComet Shard
Razor ClawIcy RockPomeg BerryPP MaxGalarica Cuff
Red CardRed ApricornWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
Ribbon SweetPink ApricornRare CandyRare CandyRare Candy
Ring TargetDusk StoneSachetLuck IncenseWater Stone
Rocky HelmetEverstoneEverstoneEverstoneEverstone
Room ServiceBerry SweetMetal CoatRoseli BerrySilver Powder
SatchetMoon StoneSweet AppleBlack SludgeSticky Barb
Scope LensBlack ApricornWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
Sharp BeakAny FeatherAny FeatherAny FeatherAny Feather
Shell BellFossilized FishFossilized FishFossilized FishFossilized Fish
Silver PowderBug MemoryPecha BerryDynamax CandyDynamax Candy
Smoke BallOran BerryMaranga BerrySweet AppleBlunder Policy
Spell TagDusk StoneWishing PieceWishing PieceWishing Piece
Star PieceIapapa BerryCalm MintFossil DrakeRibbon Sweet
Star SweetPink ApricornRare CandyRare CandyRare Candy
StardustMoon StoneOran BerryOran BerryOran Berry
Strawberry SweetPink apricornRare CandyRare CandyRare Candy
Terrain ExtenderNuggetRibbon SweetSnowballUpgrade
Toxic OrbBlack SludgeBlack SludgeOran BerryOran Berry
Utility UmbrellaBabiri BerrySmoke BallPower AnkletAguav Berry
Weakness PolicyAir BalloonSpell TagMacho BracePrism Scale
Whipped DreamRoseliBalm MushroomBalm MushroomBalm Mushroom
White HerbAbsorb BulbAbsorb BulbAbsorb BulbAbsorb Bulb
Wide LensMarangaMarangaMarangaMaranga
Wishing PieceDamp rockHeat rockSmooth rockIcy rock

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