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Best The Knight Builds in Dead by Daylight

Chivalry is dead and loving it.
dead by daylight knight power
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Given I wasn’t around in the middle ages, I don’t know much about feudal-era warfare beyond “run at them with a sword and hope you don’t get stabbed first.” I guess that’s why I’m not a knight. The Knight of Dead by Daylight, however, is very much a Knight, and knows a thing or twelve about controlling a battlefield. All he needs is the right perks. Here are the best Knight builds in Dead by Daylight.

Best The Knight Builds in Dead by Daylight

The Knight’s primary perk loadout is all about pressuring and punishing Survivors with aggressive actions and counters. This is also the purpose of his Power, Guardia Compagnia, which allows him to establish patrols around the map using his three minions. However, with a bit of creativity, you can optimize the Knight’s kit toward more direct aggression against the Survivors while preventing them from fighting back.

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We’ve got two potential Knight builds for you to try out, and we call them the “Gen Buster” and the “Pallet Smasher.” Here are the perks contained in each:

  • Gen Buster
    • Surge: When you put a Survivor in the Dying state, all Generators within 32 meters suffer an 8% regression penalty and begin regressing
    • Surveilance: Regressing Generators’ auras are highlighted in white until they stop regressing, at which point they’re highlighted in yellow. Also increases audibility of Generator repairs
    • Hex: Ruin: As long as the Totem is active, any Generator that is not being actively repaired will immediately start regressing
    • Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance: When a Survivor is hooked on a Scourge Hook, the Generator with the most progression suffers a penalty and begins regressing, while anyone working on it screams
  • Pallet Smasher
    • Brutal Strength: Increases the speed at which you break objects and damage Generators
    • Enduring: Reduces the duration of a Pallet stun
    • Spirit Fury: After breaking a certain number of Pallets, the next Pallet used to stun you will be broken instantly
    • Hubris: Whenever a Survivor stuns you with a Pallet, they suffer from Exposed for a brief duration

Gen Buster and Pallet Smasher

dead by daylight knight pallet
Image via Behaviour Interactive

The Gen Buster build is meant to pressure Survivors from a distance while giving you a greater awareness of their progress on Generators. Ruin forces Survivors to commit to fixing a Generator, lest they lose their progress, while Surge and Pain Resonance allow you to damage and regress Generators without needing to get right in front of them. The penalty from Surge also applies if one of the Knight’s minions downs a Survivor, so if you’re crafty, you can knock down several at once, taking a bite out of their Generator progress in the bargain.

The Pallet Smasher build is for absolute, relentless offense. This particular combination of perks encourages you to rush headlong at any Survivors you spot, regardless of the presence of Pallets. You’ll recover from stuns and smash Pallets fast enough to immediately resume your pursuit, and if Survivors throw down Pallets carelessly, they’ll only make you stronger. With clever timing, you can double up the effects from Spirit Fury and Hubris to severely punish whatever knucklehead tries to stun you. Don’t forget, the minions can smash Pallets as well to build your Spirit Fury charges.

The Knight can be adapted to both strategic and aggressive playstyles. With the right blend of perks and a little practice, you can dominate the battlefield and slow Survivor progress to a crawl.

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