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All Vittorio Toscano Perks in Dead By Daylight

Tap into arcane energies.
dead by daylight vittorio totem
Image via Behaviour Interactive

The majority of the Survivors in Dead by Daylight are from the modern day, as opposed to the Killers that come from all manner of times and realities. However, as time and space within the Entity’s realm is a bit… wibbly-wobbly, sometimes a longtime wanderer can find themselves fighting to survive in the (relative) present. The Survivor Vittorio Toscano is one of these unusual cases. Here are all of Vittorio Toscano’s perks in Dead by Daylight.

All Vittorio Toscano Perks in Dead By Daylight

Vittorio Toscano is apparently from the same time period as the Knight, 1300s Europe, but has been wandering around in the Fog long enough to adapt to more contemporary dress senses. That’s my explanation for the leather jacket and ear gauges, anyway. But while his style has adapted, he’s still impressively proficient in the Old Ways.

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Vittorio Toscano comes with three unique perks, the first tiers of which are added to every other Survivor’s inventory if you can get him up to level 50 and Prestige him. Those Perks are:

  • Potential Energy
  • Fogwise
  • Quick Gambit

Vittorio Toscano Perk Mechanics

dead by daylight vittorio heal
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Potential Energy is the most interesting and mechanically complex of Vittorio’s perks. With a bit of magical mojo, Vittorio can instantly progress the repair rate on Generators by storing it from a different generator. When you’ve worked on a Generator for a sufficient amount of time, you’ll get a prompt to activate Potential Energy, allowing you to funnel your repair progress into a glyph. Every 1.5% of repair you complete gives you 1 token, up to a max of 20, but you can’t actually repair a Generator while you’re funneling progress from it. If you go to another Generator and use your Tokens, though, you can instantly fill its repair bar by 1% for every token you have saved up. Do note that failing Skill Checks will cost you Tokens, and taking damage will cost you all of them.

Fogwise rewards you for quick fingers and sharp instincts. Every time you land a Great Skill Check while repairing a Generator, the Aura of the Killer is revealed to you for a few seconds, no matter where they are on the map.

Quick Gambit allows you to aid your fellow Survivors by drawing the Killer’s attention away from them. While you’re being actively chased by the Killer, any Survivors repairing a Generator within 24 meters of you will get a boost to their repair speed.

Vittorio Toscano’s perks are all about prioritizing the repair of Generators in the most efficient way possible. Not a bad thing to be focused on when your life is on the line, after all.

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