Best Tartaglia Build Options in Genshin Impact

Looking for the best Tartaglia build options in Genshin Impact? Childe, alias of the character Tartaglia, is a hydro vision-bearing character affiliated with the Schneznayan Harbingers. He can also switch between a ranged-stance and a melee-stance mode at will (when using his elemental skill), which means he’s a real threat on the battlefield. While this might take some getting used to, understanding Tartaglia’s two different stances is essential for getting the most out of him. 

In light of the recent Character Event Wish, this article will provide you with the best options for Tartaglia’s weapon and artifacts. Feel free to mix and match these suggestions to your “heart of depths” desire.

Best Tartaglia Build Options: Artifacts and Main Stats

First, it’s important to pick out 3-5 stats you want to aim for as main stats or substats. Some of these stats can only be found on a particular kind of artifact (like the Goblet of Eonothem, which is not to be confused with an artifact set like Noblesse Oblige), so we’ve compiled a list of good stats to focus on and their corresponding artifact type for you.

  • Sands of Eon: ATK % (for consistent damage) OR Energy Recharge (for using elemental burst more)
  • Goblet of Eonothem: Hydro DMG Bonus
  • Circlet of Logos: Crit DMG/Crit Rate
  • Flower of Life and Plume of Death: Aim for 2-3 of the above stats as substats on each of these artifacts.

Next, you’ll want to pick a good set of artifacts. The obvious choice for your Tartaglia build is the Heart of Depths artifact set. However, here are some other options that will also focus on boosting his best stats. (General note: gold 5-star artifacts typically have better stats than purple 4-star artifacts, but remember to use what you’ve got for now!)

Best 4-piece Sets for Tartaglia

  • Heart of Depths (if you want to focus on doing lots of damage as Tartaglia)
  • Martial Artist (4-star alternative to Heart of Depths)
  • Berserker (if you need to boost your Crit Rate)
  • Noblesse Oblige (if you want to use Tartaglia to support your other character’s)

Best Split 2-piece Sets for Tartaglia (choose any two) 

  • Heart of Depths, Gladiator’s Finale, Noblesse Oblige, Berserker, Martial Artist

Best Tartaglia Weapons

If you’re able to, choose a weapon that boosts Crit Rate or Energy Recharge. Boosting Tartaglia’s Crit Rate takes advantage of his passive talent, which inflicts the Riptide status on enemies when in melee-stance. Energy Recharge stat will allow you to unleash his Elemental Burst more often. Some examples of useful weapons for a variety of Adventure Ranks include (our favorite option is in bold): 

  • 3 stars: Slingshot
  • 4 stars: Sacrificial Bow, The Viridescent Hunt
  • 5 stars: Skyward Harp, Elegy for the End

Tartaglia Can Flex

When it comes to choosing a build, Tartaglia is fluid like his element of hydro. This means that Tartaglia is a good fit for anyone’s playstyle and will benefit from a variety of stat upgrades. 

As with any Genshin character, we suggest using the best artifacts and weapons you’ve got until you can get your hands on something better. This means you might have to juggle a couple of Tartaglia’s main stat boosts between his weapon and his artifact. For instance, if you are able to get a weapon that boosts the crit rate, try to boost Crit DMG or Energy Recharge with your Circlet of Logos artifact. If you opt for a weapon with ATK% or Energy Recharge, consider using your Circlet of Logos artifact to boost Crit Rate instead. 

Tartaglia Talents and Combos

Tartaglia is flexible, so it’s a matter of preference on which of his abilities you want to focus on. Many of his abilities are centered around his normal/charged attack damage. For that reason, Tartaglia benefits the most from leveling up his “Normal Attack: Cutting Torrent” talent first. 

That said, boosting any of Tartaglia’s talents would benefit him in the long run. To make good use of his abilities, try to apply the Riptide effect to as many enemies as possible by shooting full-charged shots at them or using your ranged-stance Elemental Burst. After the enemies are drenched with Riptide, unleash Tartaglia’s melee-stance Elemental Burst for massive damage. 

We highly recommend trying some of these techniques out and playing around with Tartaglia in the Event Trial!