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Best Sylveon Moveset in Pokémon GO

Best Sylveon Moveset in Pokémon GO

Some Pokémon don’t really look like they’d be all that useful in a fight. Of course, it’s not always easy to determine at a glance which ones breathe fire or shoot lasers out of their ears or whatever. Sylveon, for instance, looks pretty cuddly and ineffectual, but just because it’s a Fairy type doesn’t mean it can’t mess you up. Here’s the best Sylveon moveset in Pokémon GO.

As a pure Fairy type, Sylveon’s applications in combat are somewhat circumstantial. These are the moves available in its kit:

Quick Moves

  • Quick Attack (Normal)
  • Charm (Fairy)

Main Moves

  • Draining Kiss (Fairy)
  • Dazzling Gleam (Fairy)
  • Moonblast (Fairy)
  • Last Resort (Normal, Elite TM)

Best Sylveon Moveset in Pokémon GO

As you can likely glean from that movelist, Sylveon is only capable of using Normal and Fairy type moves, and far more in the latter case. In both an offensive and defensive build, Sylveon’s best moves as far as DPS and energy generation are concerned are Charm for the Quick Move and Dazzling Gleam for the Main Move.

However, the obvious problem with this is that Sylveon is only really workable in a situation where it can counter types that are weak against Fairy type moves. For your convenience, here’s a reminder of the Fairy resistance breakdown:

  • Super effective against: Fighting, Dragon, Dark
  • Not very effective against: Poison, Steel, Fire

If you’re going up against one of the super effective types, then by all means, Sylveon’s kits are perfectly good, especially since it has a pretty decent base attack at 203. If you’re going against Pokémon whose type resistances are neutral toward Fairy, it’s workable, but there would definitely be better Pokémon to use. If Fairy type moves are not very effective, then it’s pretty much a non-starter.

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