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Best SMG in Warzone: top submachine guns in Battle Royale

Best SMG in Warzone top submachine guns in Battle Royale

When it comes to the best SMG in Warzone, there are several contenders. Many weapons carry over to Warzone nicely from Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer mode, but there are some additional things to consider for the battle royale mode. Submachine guns are always the weapon of choice for close-quarters combat, and that’s no different in Warzone. 

The stats we want to look at to determine the best SMG in Warzone is the damage profile, overall DPS, fire rate, aim down sight speed, and time-to-kill. Submachine guns are primarily secondary weapons you want to run in your Warzone loadouts to complement your primary assault rifle or sniper rifle. With the right attachments, some SMGs become effective at close and mid-range, making them the perfect complement to sniper rifles and assault rifles in Warzone.

Attachments can make some submachine guns unstoppable up close, and a lot of players like to run a setup like that with an assault rifle. We took all of the weapon stats and professional players’ opinions to determine the best SMG in Warzone.

Best SMG in Warzone

  • MP7
  • Fennec
  • MP5
  • AUG
  • P90
  • Bizon
  • Striker 45
  • Uzi


Picking the absolute best SMG is difficult, but we have to give the crown to the MP7. While the overall stats are not as good as the MP5, it comes down to handling and magazine count. Being able to take down two or three enemies in a single clip is extremely important in Warzone, especially if you primarily play squad games. Try our best MP7 Warzone loadout and see what it can do. To top it off, the fire rate on this gun is one of the highest in the game. That makes it our pick for the best SMG in Warzone. Here are some MP7 weapon stats:

  • Rate of fire: 968 RPM
  • DPS: 403 
  • TTK (base): 186 ms
  • TTK (armor): 558 ms
  • ADS: 200 ms
  • Movement Speed: 99%
  • Mag Capacity: 40 (60 extended)
  • Reload: 1.49 s
best smg warzone - mp7 loadout


The Fennec, also known as the Vector, is a new gun added in Season 4 alongside the CR-56 AMAX. It’s now one of the most popular SMGs due to the incredibly fast fire rate and low time to kill. The only downside of the Fennec is a low magazine count, at only a 25 base ammo capacity with the option to extend it to 50. Test out the best Fennec Warzone loadout and see how you like it.

  • Rate of fire: 1100 RPM
  • DPS: 450
  • TTK (base): 162 ms
  • TTK (armor): 522 ms
  • ADS: 220 ms
  • Movement Speed: 97%
  • Mag Capacity: 25 (50 extended)
  • Reload: 1.89 s


In terms of pure statistics, the MP5 wins out over the MP7 and is better in every situation. However, when it comes down to how the SMG feels and overall mag size, we have to give it to the MP7. If you want a submachine gun that is the best in the game at taking down a single enemy, an MP5 Warzone loadout is what you want. If you primarily play squads, though, we would recommend the MP7. Here are some MP5 weapon stats:

  • Rate of fire: 833 RPM
  • DPS: 472
  • TTK (base): 144 ms
  • TTK (armor): 504 ms
  • ADS: 200 ms
  • Movement Speed: 98%
  • Mag Capacity: 30 (45 extended)
  • Reload: 1.70 s
best smg warzone - mp5 loadout


The AUG is a submachine gun with an impressive damage profile and good accuracy, but it is attachment dependant. If you equip it with the 5.56 mag, it has one of the highest damage profiles. For close-quarters combat, it is easily a viable weapon, and it pairs well with a sniper. One of the AUG’s biggest downfalls is that it lacks in the accuracy department at mid-range. It also does not stack up with the MP7 and MP5 in terms of fire rate. You may want to try our best AUG loadout in Warzone.

  • Rate of fire: 750 RPM
  • DPS: 436
  • TTK (base): 176 ms
  • TTK (armor): 440 ms
  • ADS: 250 ms
  • Movement Speed: 97%
  • Mag Capacity: 60
  • Reload: 1.57 s


The P90 is a submachine gun that doesn’t get a lot of love in Warzone, even though it has almost no recoil. It has an excellent fire rate and some good all-around damage. If you pair this with a solid Grau loadout, you will have two zero recoil weapons to shred through enemies and rack up some Warzone dubs.

  • Rate of fire: 900 RPM
  • DPS: 385
  • TTK (base): 195 ms
  • TTK (armor): 585 ms
  • ADS: 200 ms
  • Movement Speed: 97%
  • Mag Capacity: 50
  • Reload: 2.09 s


The Bizon is another underrated SMG a lot of players overlook in Warzone. It may have a low time-to-kill and average fire rate, but it can do work. In terms of how fast it can take down enemies, it’s only faster than the Uzi and the Striker 45. Where it does excel is the high magazine capacity and ease of use. Good iron sights and low recoil make it a viable weapon to test out.

  • Rate of fire: 650 RPM
  • DPS: 373
  • TTK (base): 182 ms
  • TTK (armor): 637 ms
  • ADS: 234 ms
  • Movement Speed: 97%
  • Mag Capacity: 64
  • Reload: 1.72 ms

Striker 45

The Striker 45 is an all-around mediocre submachine gun for Warzone. Comparing it to other SMGs, you will notice it does not shine in any particular area. One advantage of this weapon is how easy it is to control, but aside from that, there are better options out there.

  • Rate of fire: 600 RPM
  • DPS: 351
  • TTK (base): 194 ms
  • TTK (armor): 679 ms
  • ADS: 200 ms
  • Movement Speed: 98%
  • Mag Capacity: 25
  • Reload: 1.70 s


The Uzi is a gun many players might be familiar with from Modern Warfare multiplayer. It has its issues, including a slow rate of fire and a weak damage profile. Overall, we cannot recommend this weapon for Warzone because there are much better options. 

  • Rate of fire: 590 RPM
  • DPS: 347
  • TTK (base): 196 ms
  • TTK (armor): 686 ms
  • ADS: 184 ms
  • Movement Speed: 100%
  • Mag Capacity: 32
  • Reload: 1.47 s
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