Best AUG loadout in Warzone: attachments, perks, and equipment
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Best AUG loadout in Warzone: attachments, perks, and equipment

Best AUG loadout in Warzone

Looking for the best AUG loadout in Warzone? The AUG is an underrated Warzone SMG that a lot of people overlook. Back in Season 3, many players considered it a reliable weapon because you can use 5.56 rounds in it with the conversion attachment. Since then, people started to prefer the MP7, MP5, and Fennec over the AUG for most situations. 

No matter your preference, there are some attachments, perks, and equipment you should use for the best AUG loadout in Warzone. Our AUG setup below shreds through armor in close-quarters and mid-range gunfights. 

Best AUG loadout in Warzone

Here are the attachments for the best AUG loadout in Warzone:

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: 407mm Extended Barrel
  • Laser: Tac Laser
  • Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 5.56 NATO 60-Round Drums


We optimize attachments for close-quarters combat here, as this setup works best with a good AR like the Grau or M4A1. The attachments for this weapon are the same for all other best SMG Warzone loadouts. What makes this particular loadout special is the 5.56 NATO 60-Round Drums and 407mm Extended Barrel attachments. While these attachments do make the gun a bit heavy, the damage and range make the gun top-tier. 


You can do one of two things when it comes to perks. A lot of players like to run two identical loadouts in Warzone. One loadout will have Overkill and is suitable for the beginning and mid-game. Then you have another loadout with Ghost instead of Overkill, which is great for late game. Buy the latter loadout late in the game and pick up your secondary weapon from the first loadout. Overall, we like to go with the EOD, Ghost, and Amped perks on our best AUG setup.


In the current meta, everyone is running the same tactical and lethal in their best Warzone loadout. First up is the Heartbeat Sensor, which has unlimited uses and can quickly spot campers or anyone in your vicinity. Next up is the C4, which is the best anti-vehicle utility weapon in the game. You can also use it effectively on other players to stop them from pushing you or finish them off when their down. 

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