Is Borealis Completionist Camo Bugged in MW3?

Developers are working overtime to try and fix as many bugs as possible.
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It seems the team working on the latest Call of Duty has been putting in overtime to deal with the amount of bugs and glitches that have surfaced since launch. Modern Warfare 3’s lukewarm reception is in part because of the issues plaguing the game. We’re here to investigate and answer the question: is Borealis Completionist Camo Bugged in MW3?

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Can you Equip Borealis Completionist Camo in MW3?

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The coveted Borealis Camo is given to only the most dedicated and patient COD players out there. Since it’s the last camo you’ll be able to unlock for Zombies, the requirements for it are fairly strenuous. However, it seems even after completing everything you need to for the camo, some players still aren’t able to equip the Borealis. Thankfully, the issue might have resolved itself with a little help from the developers.

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Previously, even after completing the 36 Serpentinite camo challenges required to obtain the Borealis camo, it was still locked in your inventory. We now know, thanks to the official Trello board detailing every known MW3 bug, that Borealis was, in fact, bugged.

However, since developers are watching this board intently, the bug has been fixed, and players should be able to equip the Borealis camo if they have properly unlocked it. Furthermore, players can refer to this board for more bugs and errors and even submit their own bugs to hopefully get them fixed as soon as possible.

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