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Best Recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion

Best Recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion

Who is good enough to join the ranks of DedSec? One of the first things you’ll need to do in Watch Dogs: Legion is to find a potential recruit. You have the option to play as any recruit in this game, but it comes down to who you want on your team. We’re going to dive into the best recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion, so you know how to build the best team possible.

You might want to recruit the first person you see, but not only is there a limit to the number of recruits you can have, but each one has unique skills and perks. An excellent place to start is learning how to recruit people in Watch Dogs: Legion and then looking at which skills and perks are best.

After the prologue, you’ll get to pick your first operative. There’s a long list of options, and you can go through each of them to check out their occupations and perks. Your choices range from Bankers to Game Developers, with perks like shorter arrest times and drone summoning abilities. We have a guide on who to pick for your first operative if you’re having trouble deciding.

Picking the best recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion

When it comes to identifying recruits, you’ll want to pay attention to their perks and skills. Perhaps the most useful perk in the game is Uniformed Access. Specific characters like Doctors can enter restricted areas that others cannot. 

More useful perks can include faster healing times, which helps in situations where your recruits get injured. Others can have personal weapons like pistols or submachine guns, while some have vehicles at their disposal. Characters who have drones are good picks, considering you can use them to scout areas at any time.

Not all stats are beneficial, though. Some recruits have a Doomed trait, which means they could spontaneously die at any moment. Flatulent and Hiccups is another negative perk that alerts nearby enemies of your location. Some people buckle under pressure, so be sure to consider these things when scanning for candidates. 

Where to find recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion

You can find potential DedSec members in various locations throughout the game. Some London boroughs have more of one specific kind of character, such as Hackers in Camden and musicians in Brixton. The City of London tends to have more corporate folks who can reduce arrest times and help make you money.

Another way to find recruits is through Bagley, the sentient DedSec AI program. Bagley can alert you to any promising new candidates. These recruits tend to be skilled in one way or another, so they are worth checking out. 

When a specific area turns Defiant, you can walk up to people and interact with them to sway them into joining DedSec. You can scan them first to check out their perks and opinions of DedSec, to see if you think they’d be a good fit. Some characters inherently hate your hacktivist group, so you can Deep Profile them to make them change their minds.

You can also complete an Uprising Mission after a Borough is Defiant to unlock a powerful recruit, such as a Hitman, for instance. These characters tend to have better perks than people you’d find walking around on the street. As a tradeoff, it’s more challenging to get them to join, and you will have to complete a challenging mission.

If, at any point, you get bored of playing an operative, go into your Team menu to pick a different character. To spice things up, you can also customize your operatives at the Safehouse or a clothing store. Pick some fun accessories if you’re tired of the same old look. 

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