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How to get a Cargo Drone in Watch Dogs: Legion

How to get a Cargo Drone in Watch Dogs: Legion

Drones are nothing new to Watch Dogs, but they are much more useful in the latest installment. One new addition to the game is a Cargo Drone. Getting a Cargo Drone is easy, as long as you have the right recruit on your team. These devices are helpful in various missions and allow you to access rooftops and fly through London’s skyline quickly. Here’s how to get a Cargo Drone in Watch Dogs: Legion.

How to get a Cargo Drone in Watch Dogs: Legion

To get a Cargo Drone in Watch Dogs: Legion, you can recruit a construction worker to join DedSec. Once on your team, you can summon a Cargo Drone from any location by pulling up your abilities radial menu and selecting Trigger Cargo Drone. After doing this, a drone will fly to you from nearby. 

One of the earlier quests in the game has you find and recruit a construction worker. Therefore, if you’re first starting your playthrough, you’ll get one on your team soon enough. You may also encounter construction workers out in the city and recruit them on the spot.

You can hack the Cargo Drone so that it briefly powers off and drops to the ground. From there, climb on top of it and hijack it. You can now ride the drone around the city, controlling its movement in any direction, including up and down. As an added benefit, you can pick up cargo crates, which is their primary intended use. 

During puzzles throughout Watch Dogs: Legion, you’ll encounter areas that are blocked off by boxes. You can use the Cargo Drone to move them out of the way so you can access the area. Cargo Drones are also very useful in completing the Disrupt Albion Propaganda quests in Westminster and Lambeth. 

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