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Where to find John Wick in Watch Dogs Legion

Where to find John Wick in Watch Dogs Legion

You can play as a seemingly endless variety of characters in Watch Dogs Legion, even John Wick. Each character has unique personalities, occupations, weapons, and gadgets. Some are professional hackers, while others have less useful careers for a hacktivist group like DedSec. Considering all the options, the ideal team depends on your specific playstyle.

You might find some potential DedSec candidates roaming the streets in boroughs you’ve liberated from Albian. Other more powerful operatives are rewards for turning boroughs Defiant, and that’s the case with John Wick. While some operatives are stealthy hacker types, others are straight up assassinators. If you’re someone who prefers using blunt force to work through the missions, John Wick might be your new favorite recruit. Here’s where to find John Wick in Watch Dogs Legion.

Where to find John Wick in Watch Dogs Legion

To find John Wick in Watch Dogs Legion, you need to turn the borough of Nine Elms Defiant. Doing so requires completing all of the missions, including neutralizing the VIP, taking photographic evidence, and sabotage. Nine Elms borough is on the far southwest portion of the London map.

Completing the three side missions to liberate Nine Elms is not too challenging. We recommend using a construction worker or getting access to a cargo drone. The drone allows easy access to hard-to-reach areas and can save you tons of time. After finishing these three missions, the borough should turn Defiant, and you will unlock an additional hitman.

While it’s not officially John Wick, the legendary assassin played by Keanu Reeves, Nine Elms’ special hitman operative is undoubtedly influenced by him. What sets apart this hitman from others in Legion is the finisher moves and the weapons. Unlock him and give it a try to see for yourself. 

John Wick Weapons, Abilities, and Perks

Here’s a look at John Wick’s loadout:

  • Desert Eagle + G36: Weapon Arsenal
  • Gunkata: Instant Gun Takedowns
  • Combat Roll: Evasive Dodge
  • Albion Vendetta: Extra Faction Damage 

Remember, not everyone will get an identical character to this one, but we found that the stats and weapons are always the same. The main difference is that you have a chance of obtaining a female operative instead of a male. Either way, this operative is one of our favorites, and now you know where to him.

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