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How to recruit people in Watch Dogs: Legion

How to recruit people in Watch Dogs: Legion

You can recruit anyone into the ranks of the DedSec hacker group in Watch Dogs Legion. Each character comes with unique perks and traits, making some more useful for your team than others. While you can recruit nearly anyone into DedSec to fight Albion, some are a bit skeptical of your group. This guide will explain how to recruit people in Watch Dogs Legion, including Albion employees themselves.

How to recruit people in Watch Dogs: Legion

To recruit people in Watch Dogs Legion, walk up to them and hit the Triangle or Y button. Before picking a potential candidate, you can inspect them to check out their name, abilities, and occupation to see if they have what it takes. On console, you can press Triangle or Y to start the recruitment process and L1 or LB to show their stats. Holding the R1 or RB adds them to your list of candidates.

Keep in mind that some people look down upon DedSec, so you can only take on people who are open to joining. Scan a character to see their opinion of DedSec. Just because someone dislikes DedSec doesn’t mean you can’t get them to join, though. 

When you inspect a character, you might see a thumbs down icon and a message saying they do not like DedSec. You can use the Deep Profiler upgrade by pressing Triangle or Y on a recruit. Doing this is a way to further investigate your leads and find some opportunities to sway their opinion of DedSec. 

As you can imagine, some powerful people do not like DedSec, so putting in the work to change their minds can benefit your group. Potential candidates include police officers, palace guards, and even Albion employees. 

When you complete the investigation lead, the character’s opinion of DedSec should increase. If you want to recruit the character, you will need to do an additional mission to add them to your roster. Wondering about the best people to recruit in Watch Dogs: Legion? We got you covered in another post.

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