Who to pick for your first operative in Watch Dogs: Legion

After completing the first mission in Watch Dogs: Legion, you are presented with a long list of potential operatives to recruit for your team. For some people, making a decision might take a while. It doesn’t have to be that complicated, though. Here’s who to pick for your first operative in Watch Dogs: Legion. 

Who to pick for your first operative in Watch Dogs: Legion

The first operative you choose is entirely up to the player. Every player can choose from a randomized list of fifteen different recruits after the opening mission. That said, there is no way to tell you exactly which ones to pick. Your choice is not vital to your mission, though, because you will soon be recruiting many new people to join DedSec. 

One thing that remains constant for all games is the possible stats for each operative. Here’s the full list of stats, so you can browse through them and figure out which one you think will be most useful:

  •  6G Data Plan: fast downloading  
  •  Albion Vandetta: extra faction damage  
  •  Crowbar: light melee weaponry  
  •  ctOS Drone: drone summoning ability  
  •  Fast Hacking: short hack cooldowns  
  •  Kurahawa Zentura: personal motorcycle  
  •  Loyalty Card: discount on clothing  
  •  MP5: fully-automatic SMG  
  •  Oscuro Ultra 8: personal sports vehicle  
  •  P250: semi-automatic pistol  
  •  Physically Fit: takes less damage  
  •  Police Contact: shorter team arrest time  
  •  Priority Care: shorter team injury time  
  •  Tough Drunk: takes less damage  
  •  Wrench: heavy melee weaponry  

Now that you have a complete list of all the perks, it’s time to decide which ones you think will be useful. Perks that give vehicles and weapons might sound helpful, but you can pick up many of these out in the world. Some recommendations are characters that reduce hacking cooldowns and cause your team to take less damage or have shorter injury time. Characters with uniforms can also access restricted areas more easily, such as doctors.