Best Pokemon Teams for the Pokemon Go Little Cup

Are you looking for the best Pokemon teams for the Pokemon Go Little Cup? The Little Cup is underway with Season 5 this week in Pokemon Go. It’s a new league for Pokemon Go and comes with some interesting restrictions. First off, Trainers can only use Pokemon in their base unevolved forms. Second, there is a maximum CP of 500 for all Pokemon in this league. 

The meta so far is looking like one Pokemon reigns supreme, by a significant margin. We’re talking about none other than Bronzor. According to the statistics, this Pokemon wins about 93% of matchups. The second and third most effective Pokemon in Little Cup behind Bronzor is Wynaut and Cottonee, both sitting at roughly a 86% win rate.

We want to give you some ideas for teams to try out in the Little Cup if you’re feeling a little lost and need some inspiration. Keep in mind that you’re sure to encounter a Bronzor in nearly every game. You can check out our guide on Bronzor counters to come prepared.

Best Pokemon Teams for the Pokemon Go Little Cup

Here are a few of the best Pokemon teams for the Pokemon Go Little Cup:

  • Bronzor, Cottonee, Deino
  • Bronzor, Ducklett, Cottonee
  • Deino, Diglett (Alolan), Barboach
  • Deino, Bronzor, Venonat
  • Vulpix, Deino, Bronzor
  • Stunky (Shadow), Shelmet, Cottonee
  • Stunky (Shadow), Bronzor, Cottonee
  • Carvanha (Shadow), Bronzor, Cottonee

Of course, most of these include Bronzor, but there are some examples without that Pokemon. Considering the amount of Bronzor’s you will encounter, the ideal team will likely consist of a Bronzor (if you have one) and two counters. For that reason, it may end up being a slightly dull meta this time around.

If you run Deino as the lead, make sure to have Dragon Breath and Crunch. Bronzor will eventually lose the battle, and your opponent will likely swap out to Cottonee. At that point, you can switch to a counter for Cottonee and hopefully take the match.

In conclusion, make sure to run some Bronzor counters. The best team you can make comes down to which Pokemon you have and how much Stardust you want to waste.