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Best Pokemon for Pokemon Go Little Cup League

Best Pokemon for Pokemon Go Little Cup League

Little Cup is now available in Pokemon Go as one of the new Battle League options. Those familiar with other Pokemon titles may already be familiar with this league, but other trainers will be in for a surprise. Some heavy restrictions come into play for the Little Cup, which changes the meta up quite a bit for a week. Here’s the best Pokemon for Pokemon GO’s Little Cup League.

Little Cup League is underway from November 9 through November 16. There are some interesting restrictions in play, with the first being that your Pokemon must be in their base evolution state. Second, there is a 500 CP limit on all Pokemon. In other words, you are pretty limited in your options, which could result in some exciting matches, to say the least.

Best Pokemon for Pokemon Go Little Cup League

Here are some of the best Pokemon for the Little Cup League:


There is on Pokemon who reigns supreme during Little Cup, and it’s Bronzor. The Steel and Psychic-type Pokemon has always been a formidable opponent. Now that’s even more true than ever thanks to the league’s restrictions. Bronzor has very high defense and special defense stats that make him a pain to battle. 

Luckily, Bronzor does have some weaknesses. He is vulnerable to Dark-type, Fire-type, Ghost-type, and Ground-type Pokemon. Bronzor is resistant to Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, and Poison-types. We have a guide on how to counter Bronzor that you could check out if you’re having trouble. 


Wynaut with Counter and Mirror Coat is not quite as effective as Bronzor, but still a great option. This Psychic-type Pokemon comes up in second as the best Pokemon for Little Cup with Counter, and Mirror Coat moves. It is strong against Psychic and Fighting-types and vulnerable against Bug, Dark, and Ghost Pokemon.


Deino, the Dark and Dragon-type Pokemon, is another reliable option nearly equal to Wynaut. With Dragon Breath and Crunch, it has a lot of power to use to its advantage. Deino is vulnerable to Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Fighting, and Ice-type Pokemon, so look out for those.

Other notable Pokemon for Little Cup include Shadow Stunky, Shadow Vulpix, and Meowth (Alolan). Expect the matches to have some varying outcomes highly dependent on IV in this meta!

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