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Best Loot Spots on Interchange in Escape from Tarkov

Those who loot, survive.
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Money is a crucial aspect of Escape from Tarkov, however for new players it is difficult to know where to loot. For those just getting started on Interchange, these are the best loot spots to start with as you learn the Map through repeat raids. You can use the higher valued loot as a means to sell on to increase your income. This can then be used to increase your Loyalty Levels with the Traders and obtain better loot for your survival in Escape from Tarkov. Use money to obtain better weapons, items for quests and save for higher-valued loot which will be crucial in your survival. This is our guide on the best spots to focus on in your raids for looting inside the Interchange Map on Escape from Tarkov.

Best Spots to Loot on Interchange

KIBA Outlet Grate Door Key

If you are looking to loot up inside the Interchange Map, players should focus their run entirely inside the ULTRA Mall. There are many stores which can provide both mediocre and decent loot, with the few as stand-out spots to obtain more uncommon equipment. The first you should focus on is the KIBA Store. The Store is known for being the best area to loot on the Map and with this title it requires two keys to get into. You need to get the KIBA Outlet Grate Door which is purchasable at the Flea Market. The other Key which you need to for the entrance is the KIBA Outlet Key. This can also be purchased on the Flea Market however it is highly expensive.

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KIBA Outlet Store Door Key

Alternatively, players could attempt to loot this Key inside the Power Station Admin Room where it can spawn in the office on the shelving unit or in the Goshan Store of ULTRA (behind 2 tents, on top of a book). However, due to its high demand you may run into players trying to get into the KIBA Store the same way as you so be on high alert when attempting to get inside. Whether that is checking the Key spawns or going into the Store itself. Whilst you can attempt to get into the place with just the Keys, you need to turn on the power to stop the alarm from going off as you enter. When getting the entrance Key, you should also turn the power on inside the Power Station. All you need to do is hit the power switch inside the office to turn it on.

KIBA is deemed the most profitable however its task of getting into it is the most difficult. Unless you are an expert at Interchange, KIBA may feel unobtainable. If that is the case we have more recommendations for looting spots in ULTRA Mall. The location of this Store is in the middle of the ground floor of ULTRA, making it a highly contested spot to loot at. Should you go in with the power off, the alarm will sound which could entice players over.

Power Station Route

Power Station also includes a lot of loot which you can sell on to make mass profit so keep that in mind when you visit to turn on the power to the ULTRA Mall. When heading to the Power Station on the outside fence, look out for the power nodules and power lines on the outskirts. There are also blue containers with bushes next to them. Check behind the bushes for a hidden stash which can have great loot inside. Refer to the Map below for the exact location of this hidden stash (red dot and arrow).

Image via Photonready on Escape from Tarkov Fandom Wiki


This Medical Unit provides players with a lot of loot but it also requires a Key to enter. Unlike getting into KIBA, the Key to Emercom is located on the Customs Map. However it is obtainable through common spawn points such as inside of Jackets, in the Pockets of Scavs and inside Drawers. You can also pick the Key up inside the Ambulance of Customs where it is located on a seat. This spot is excellent for those looking to obtain high value medical supplies which can be sold on to make profit.

Finally, you should also check the spots: Generic, Mantis and Rasmussen for loot that do not require a key to get into. Keep in mind however that Generic may be another spot similar to that of KIBA. In which it may be looted by the time you attempt to find something for yourself.

That is our guide on the best spots to loot inside of Interchange in Escape from Tarkov. We hope this guide was useful on those getting started on the Interchange Map. For more Escape from Tarkov guides, feel free to look at How to Get Iron Gate Key in Escape from Tarkov or How to Complete Seaside Vacation Quest in Escape from Tarkov. You can also follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on all of our latest FPS Video Game content.

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