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Best Exotics to Use for Strand Builds in Destiny 2 Lightfall

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Best Strand Warlock Build for Destiny 2 Lightfall abilities
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Destiny 2 has just come out with a new expansion, called Lightfall, and already fans are falling in love with the campaign’s new content. Releasing alongside the latest season, number twenty, Lightfall adapts the lore by bringing players to never-before-seen locations in the D2 world. For example, explore a city on Neptune bustling and full of life as you work to protect its denizens from the wrath of Calus, who returns in this campaign as a Disciple of the Witness itself. There are plenty of different abilities, skills and items to make use of in this space FPS game in order to buff your Guardian. In this guide we cover some of the best exotics for Strand builds in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

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Which Exotics Are the Best for a Strand Build in Destiny 2 Lightfall?

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The Strand subclass will help players in game through a variety of ways, especially when they want to grapple around or summon minions to do their bidding. Being the fifth subclass in this great game, the power of the Strand build is still only being figured out. Without further ado, here are some of the best exotics that you should consider using in any of your builds focusing on Strand in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

The Verity’s Brow Helm

Use the Verity’s Brow helm to give you extra grenade regen as well as a buff to grenade damage whenever you kill an enemy with a weapon that matches your subclass’ element. Also, whenever you throw a grenade you will boost any allies’ grenade regeneration, making your whole fireteam become deadly Area of Effect menaces.

The Stag Helm

This helmet can help you take a reduced amount of damage whenever you are inside of a Rift, and also whenever you get critically wounded with this helmet on you will be given roughly half of your Rift energy back. Therefore the Stag helm is great for players who find themselves getting beaten around a little more than they like. We recommend that you look into using the Weaver’s Call Strand Aspect as well if you’re planning to use this helmet.

The Abeyant Leap Boots

This stylish footwear can make you spawn seeking projectiles which will actually launch enemies up into the air. You gain a little bit of armor whenever you have this exotic equipped and you will also be able to disable enemies by using your Barricades. This is a great way to boost the offensive power of your Titan’s Barricades, and also adds another weapon to your arsenal at the same time.

The Armamentarium Chestplate

This exotic chest piece gives you another grenade charge, helping you to fight off multiple enemies in a dire situation. This chestplate can be a little difficult to obtain (check out our guide here for more information on that) but it is certainly well worth the effort, especially as a beginner chest piece for novice players focusing on a Strand build!

The Synthoceps Gauntlets

This exotic is able to boost the range that your lunge has, which can be helpful when trying to close the gap between yourself and a target. Also, if you find yourself surrounded a lot then the Synthoceps gauntlets are a great exotic to consider, because they will boost your melee damage whenever three or more enemies are in combat with you at once. Strike them all down that much faster by equipping these deadly gauntlets!

The Wormhusk Crown

Do you often run out of health in Destiny 2? Are you looking for a way to regenerate those lost hitpoints quickly and reliably? Look no further! This powerful exotic will boost your health every time you dodge! Great for helping you to stay alive when you need it the most, the Wormhusk crown can make the difference between life or death when you are in battle.

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