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Destiny 2 How to Complete Abhorrent Imperative – Activity Guide

Onwards to Lightfall.
Destiny 2 How to Complete Abhorrent Imperative - node in H.E.L.M.
Image via Bungie

If you’ve played Destiny 2 in the last week, then figuring out how to complete Abhorrent Imperative is probably at the top of your to-do list. This is the penultimate activity for Season of the Seraph and sets the stage for Lightfall’s drop on the 28th of February.

I’m going to run you through how to complete Abhorrent Imperative in Destiny 2. I’ll break the mission down into three parts and go through each, as well as offer up tips where I think they’re needed. This isn’t the hardest mission in the world – but it’s certainly no Strike.

How to Complete Abhorrent Imperative in Destiny 2

Navigate Seraph Station and Defeat Eramis

Destiny 2 How to Complete Abhorrent Imperative - Eramis in mission.
Image via Bungie

You’ll start Abhorrent Imperative halfway through the Deep Stone Crypt / Seraph’s Shield jumping puzzle. You’ll immediately be swarmed by regular and super Shanks, so take your time here. You’re going to be making your way through the regular Seraph’s Shield mission starting from this point – the only difference being there’s no Operator, Scanner, or Suppressor.

The entire path is open for you, so this is one big endurance-based combat encounter.

Your first major hurdle will come when you get back inside the space station. Eramis will be in the room typically reserved for two Brigs. She’ll have a handful of Adds with her, but she’ll have cut the room down to about a third of its original size. That, combined with Eramis’ AOE Stasis makes this actually a pretty tricky fight to navigate. Throw infinitely spawning Adds on top of that, and you can easily die here if you underestimate it.

You’re not trying to kill Eramis – just hit a health gate so she teleports away. Stay mobile in the room as you do this, taking shots where you can. Make sure you’re also stacking your buffs and debuffs. You should have Solo Operative, Weakened Clear, and Font of Might at the very least. If you don’t, this section of Abhorrent Imperative will take you a hot minute.

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Stop the Sequence

Heavy Frame.
Image via Bungie

When you deal enough damage to Eramis, she’ll drop back and turn off the shields. You’ll want to push up to the front of the room at this point. Like in the Eramis fight, there will be infinitely spawning Adds here. This is a theme that Abhorrent Imperative maintains, so don’t think you’ll ever have room to breathe.

At the top of the room, you’ll be able to activate two Warmind Heavy Frames to assist you. These are new entities that resemble Ogres, except they’re Warmind themed.

Heavy Frames are what cut off the various infinite spawning Adds throughout this next part of the mission. You’ll be instructed to stop a sequence – in other words, to fight your way to the Seraph’s Shield boss arena.

The game will show you a progress meter that you’re not meant to let fill up – ignore it. There is no actual time threat here, it’s all for aesthetics.

At this point, you’ll be fighting through the typical Seraph’s Shield route. Keep an eye out for spots to spawn Heavy Frames, otherwise, you’ll never cut off the Adds.

Eventually, you’ll end up at the old boss arena, and at that point, you’re almost done with both Abhorrent Impreative and Final Dawn.

Defeat Ir Garza

Destiny 2 How to Complete Abhorrent Imperative -  Ir Garza
Image via Bungie

The boss fight is against a familiar face – Ir Garza. This fight is almost identical to the Wizard boss fight in Operation: Diocles.

Garza will spawn at the top of the arena and have a three-part segmented health bar. When you deplete the first section, a Knight will spawn on one side of the arena, and the boss will put up a shield. Killing that Knight takes the shield down – simple.

You do that, hit the boss again, then kill one more Knight to move on to the final phase. In theory, this fight is easy. In practice, it’s less so.

There is a ton of Adds in this room, so survivability is key. Void Hunters, Solar Warlocks, and Solar Titans need to prioritize Invisibility or healing here. Without some sort of safety net – you’ll struggle.

Make a point of targeting the sniper Vandals that spawn on the catwalk – one on each side. If you take them out, you can navigate the catwalks yourself fairly comfortably.

Beyond that, watch for the boss’ AOE purple spike attack. If you see a pool of purple on the ground – get out of it.

Stick to the catwalks, prioritize survival, and you should be able to get through Destiny 2’s Abhorrent Imperative mission fairly handily.

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