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Hayden is an avid gamer, writer, fitness enthusiast, and fan of speaking in the third person. He dabbles in most game genres, but his heart belongs to JRPGs. When not gaming, Hayden can be found working out, reading, watching television, or getting into heated political arguments with bots on Twitter.

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zack fair in all black with a sword on his back facing away from Angeal, a muscular man in a similar outfit with one, outstretched white wing. Angeal holds a sword up to his face. Text at the bottom reads "as long as I hold the buster sword"
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Zack Fair, a young man in a dark, tight-fitting tank top with armor shoulder guards, stands in a building lobby. He's grabbing the hilt of a sword on his back with his right arm and staring intently off screen to the left
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an armored figure in a mask with antlers sitting on the back of a white horse with glowing red eyes. The figure holds a spear, the tip of which is glowing red. behind them is a large, full moon.
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a lean young man in dark clothing with large, metal shoulder guards uses magic on a pair of monstrous beetles. text over his head reads "Dark Thunder" and purple bolts of electricity cover the beetles. text in the middle of the screen reads "77-" No MP/AP Cost activated!"
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a pink haired squid kid in profile holding a long-barreled gun. the ground is covered in pink ink and there's a tree and some railings behind him
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a dark haired woman in a jumpsuit standing in a large gymnasium. dialogue at the bottom reads "Make your strong points stronger, I always say - that goes for both people and Pokemon!"
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three squid kids with green hair and each holding a different weapon on a black background splattered with green paint. in the bottom right corner is text that reads "Chill Season: 12/1 - a new season unfolds"
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an image of Odin in blue and gold armor with a golden spear on the left; an image of Squirrel Girl in a brown costume with shorts and a bushy tail on the right
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trading card of a cartoonish Iron Man mid-flight; trading card of Klaw in a red jumpsuit with his sonic cannon arm charging up
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a collage with a trading card image of a blue, elvish looking person wearing a red and black jumpsuit on the left and a card game battlefield on the right. the field is filled with different cards positioned around locations with special instructions written on them. the center location is titled Bar Sinister